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Icovy Marketing is a full-service, medtech digital marketing agency committed to amplifying brands, and connecting global leaders in the Medtech industry with their target audiences.

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Omni-Channel Strategies

of marketers improve their engagement through content marketing
of customers expect brands to provide consistent and precise information across online platforms
boost in conversion rate based on videos incorporated on landing pages
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“My biggest benefit about working with Icovy is that they really took the time to understand our business. They're not just going to take a canned out of the box approach.”

Danny B.
VP of Sales & Marketing, Machine Solutions
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Working with Icovy Marketing

Create immediate awareness and increase timely conversations with an effective omni-channel digital marketing and brand strategy. Develop a strong foundation with a high converting medical device website, affiliate and social media marketing, channel optimization and full-service marketing discipline implementation.
Medical Device Animation Video from a Medical Device Marketing Agency

Animation Video

We create animations and videos that inform all stakeholders, from physician to patient. This is done by illustrating how a medical device works, specifying safety and the value it can bring to a patient’s life.
Medical Device Marketing Agency Script Writing
Script Writing
Medical Device Marketing Company Voice Overs
Voice Overs
Voice Overs from Medical Device Marketing Agency
Story Boards
Medical Device Marketing Agency Video Production
Video Production
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Medical Device Digital Marketing Strategy from a Medical Device Marketing Agency

Brand Strategy & Development

We work in tandem with medical device marketing teams and executives to further understand what their customers are seeking using market research. By architecting high converting marketing funnels with strategic messaging and product positioning we understand which channels to utilize at the right time. Your brand strategy is the very foundation that all of your marketing efforts stand on.
Medical Device Web Development from a Medtech Marketing Agency
Website Design & Optimization
Increase your customer’s lifetime value by developing a high converting website that enhances cross selling , upselling, and automates follow-up messaging.
Medical Device Digital Marketing for Social Media Promotional Campaigns
Social Media Promotions
Magnify your brand presence on social media channels such as LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and more.
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Medical Device Marketing Consulting from a Medical Device Marketing Agency

Consulting Services

We offer consulting services to medical device companies with industry insights, best practices, and strategies to ensure projects are on time, and on budget. Our team will work with marketing leadership and internal teams to ensure medical device brands are appropriately aligned in their market with the most up-to-date market research findings.
Medical Device Influencer Marketing from a Medical Device Marketing Agency
KOL/ Influencer Marketing
Connect and collaborate with the right medical device Key Opinion Leaders (KOL) and influencers that boost brand awareness, credibility, and positioning.
Medical Device Digital Marketing from a Medical Device Digital Marketing Agency
Sales Groups & Distributors
Find the right distributors to enhance your brand and take sales opportunities to the next level.
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Medical Device Marketing Agency Producing Email Automation Campaign

Email Marketing & Automation

Email is far from dead! Medical Device email marketing is more effective today than ever before when done right. We have the essential tools and expertise to design and write email campaigns to distribute to your target audience which drives engagement, audience segmentation and ultimately nurtures prospects at every stage of the customer journey.

Being trained on a variety of platforms, our team can guide you in selecting the right tools for your medical device company to utilize, which has been proven to streamline processes significantly within the medical device industry.
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Medical Device Product Launch from a Medical Device Marketing Agency

Product Launch

Focus on the essential elements to a successful medical device product launch, whether your team is introducing a new flagship product or a line extension. We have expertise in positioning strategy, trade show marketing and technical execution to reach your audiences.
Medical Device Marketing Agency Product Launch Market Penetration
Market Penetration Strategy
Product Launch Technical Execution from Medical Device Marketing Companies
Creative & Technical Execution
Sales Collateral Developed by a Medical Device Marketing Agency
Sales Training & Collateral
Medical Device Marketing Agency Branding & Naming Services
Naming & Branding
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Medical Device Paid Advertising by a Medical Device Marketing Agency

Pay Per Click (PPC) Management & Paid Advertising

Pay-Per-Click (PPC) is a form of digital paid advertising used to win direct traffic to your website. Put your PPC management in the hands of an agency who can optimize your ads and maximize your budget with proven results. Icovy Marketing offers Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Display Ads, Youtube Ads and much more. Together we will define your target audience and what platforms will best target their purchasing behaviors.
Medical Device Media Buying from a Medical Device Marketing Agency
Media Buying
Dominate your competitors with an unfair advantage by gaining access to exclusive media buying exchanges.
Medical Device SEO from a Medtech Marketing Agency
Search Engine Optimization
Target and rank for high intent keywords that are your customers are using to search for your products and services.
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Medical Device Marketing Agency producing Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Campaign

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

If your potential customers are looking for a solution and your brand is not showing up in their search, you are losing a direct opportunity for sales growth. This is where Search Engine Optimization (SEO) comes into play. We review the data and conduct a competitor analysis to define what is working and where to expand. Boost relevant, high traffic keywords and implement SEO strategies specific to medical device companies to ensure your brand is positioned correctly on the web.
Medical Device Digital Marketing for Medtech Sales Forecasting
Forecasting & Projections
Uncover what sales opportunities you may have based on your raw data and key digital marketing insights.
Medical Device Marketing Analytics & Reporting from a Medical Device Marketing Agency
Analytics & Reporting
Receive a panoramic view of how your company is truly performing based on your net profit, most profitable sales channels, and more.
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Medical Device Social Media Marketing from a Medical Device Marketing Agency

Social Media Marketing

Learn how to leverage social media to entertain and educate your medical device audiences to increase brand engagement. Our creative and technical teams, work in tandem with medical device brands to select the appropriate channels based on their market segments.
Medical Device Marketing Agency Content Distribution
Consistent Content Distribution
Full Channel Management from a Medical Device Marketing Agency
Full-service Channel Management
Medical Device Marketing Cmpany Cost Savings
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Medical Device Video productin by a Medical Device Marketing Company

Video Production

Icovy produces medical device videos to address the needs of organizations in the MedTech space that are looking to highlight the benefits behind their latest, life-saving technologies.  Why should you bring video content into your campaigns?

  • Demonstrate authority
  • Develop brand loyalty
  • Generate leads with:
Medical Device Marketing Strategy
How to / Explainer Videos
Medical Device Marketing Specialists
Corporate Videos
Medical Device Marketing & Medtech Marketing Agency
Medical Device Marketing Video Promotions
Medical Device Marketing Testimonial Videos
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Medical Device Website Design from a Medical Device Marketing Agency

Web Design & Development

We wireframe, design and develop new websites for medical device companies to ensure that their digital storefront is a proper representation of their brand. We align design with SEO, paid advertising and other marketing efforts to make sure that all systems are working in perfect harmony.
Medical Device Affiliate Marketing from a Medical Device Digital Marketing Agency
Affiliate Marketing
Create programs to drive sales without increasing costs. Leverage third-party resources to establish brand awareness and increase sales.
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Helping Push MedTech Innovation Forward.

Physicians with a Medical Device Marketing Agencies Digital Marketing Specialists
Campaigns that Drive Qualified Leads

MedTech Marketing Expertise

With the constant shift of business models, device miniaturization, technology advancements, value-based purchasing, and a variety of other elements that continue to increase patient empowerment; those within the MedTech industry are being required to rethink and evaluate traditional marketing strategies. This is where you look to Icovy Marketing. We are a Medical Device Marketing Agency that solely specializes in industry. Our medical device marketing experts understand suppliers and component vendors, clinicians, hospitals, and the ASC space.
Medical Device Digital Marketing from Icovy Marketing - A Medical Device Marketing Agency
Expanding Your Global Footprint

US Based, Global Impact

We offer data-driven, customized medical device marketing solutions. We pride ourselves on partnering with medical device innovators to market and deliver life-saving devices globally.
Medical Device Digial Marketing Agency & Medtech Specialists
Enhancing MedTech Brands

The Keystone to Your Success

By investing in Icovy Marketing as your Medical Device Marketing Agency, you’re solidifying your company’s future as a market leader in the MedTech industry. With our industry expertise, as well as proven strategies, we can develop an all-encompassing strategy that — when executed — will deliver success with predictable growth.
Medical Device Digital Marketing Strategists
Medical Device Marketing Startegy Collaboration
We work towards being a valid extension of your company with consistent communication as we craft your campaigns to ensure message accuracy, precise targeting, and exemplary customer service.
Project Speed
Medical Device Digital Marketers
Medical Device Marketing Services Project Speed
We prioritize our projects and ensure availability to meet deadlines and deliver results. We pride ourselves on shorter turnaround times to get your assets in hand and campaigns launched. We also understand that things come up, and our teams are ready to quickly adapt and accommodate your needs.
Execution & Results
Medical Device Digital Marketing Designers
Medical Device Marketing Companies Execution for Product Launches
We deliver results. Whether you are in need of creative support, paid advertising, search engine optimization or content creation. We are here to drive your medical device marketing efforts.
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