Medical Device Marketing Assessment
Marketing Assessment

Better Understand What You're Doing Right and What Opportunities You May Be Missing

A marketing assessment helps provide clarity and develop insights about your current marketing activities. Marketing has become more complex and requires an understanding of marketing strategies, channel use, and online relationship development. It is important that you find the right platforms that will help best align your company  with your desired target audience and help you get noticed more frequently.

Get a Fresh Perspective on Your
Current Marketing Efforts.

Gain Clarity & Focus on the Areas with the Highest Return Potential

Developing a holistic and effective marketing strategy can be difficult for most medical device companies. This is why a marketing assessment is necessary to provide insight and identify areas that are currently working, missing and need attention. The Icovy Marketing team's medical device expertise, allows us to present digital solutions and fresh perspectives on your current marketing initiatives. We lead you out of your comfort zone, to engage with new tactics and increase impact.
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What is a Marketing Assessment?

A marketing assessment, also referred to as a marketing audit, is a review of your marketing resources and initiatives to understand how well they are helping your organization meet your bottom line. It is a high-level overview of current outcomes/ results with additional information detailing specific facets of your marketing plan and strategy.
What is a marketing assessment composed of?
Medical Device Marketing Assement Agency

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Marketing Assessment & Recommendations

Icovy Marketing’s market assessment focuses on your company’s goals with an emphasis on your inbound marketing strategy. We are here to help you develop critical insights that can be used to optimize your marketing processes and grow your business.

Medical Device Marketing Assessment Discovery Phase

The initial steps of a marketing assessment is to develop an arranged list of desired outcomes and actionable steps. Our team will analyze your current marketing activities, data evidence, and industry benchmarks. We will provide your company with score indicators for each aspect of your marketing activities, new benchmarks to aim for and a detailed list of recommendations which include;

  • Marketing strategy review and marketing goals
  • Brand alignment to your company values and consistency
  • Website audit for performance
  • Content audit
  • Search engine optimization
  • Social Media Presence
Medical Device Marketing Assessment Reporting Phase

Full documentation report will then be provided to your team with the following:

  • Brand consistency across all online properties
  • Content marketing suggestions
  • Industry digital Visibility
  • Reputation Management Findings
  • UI/UX website recommendations
  • SEO technical findings and suggestions
  • Social media profile optimization recommendations
Medical Device Marketing Assessment Follow up Phase

Additional Perks:

  • 1 hour meeting to present results and recommendations
  • Plan for actionable improvements
  • Two (2) coaching & follow-up calls

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