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The Power of Social Media

Build a Consistent Cadence
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In this digital age, social media marketing is one of the most highly used marketing channels. It is an art that can serve as the foundation of your medical device marketing strategy. Your social media strategy should be fully integrated within your company, allowing you to develop a robust content strategy to reach your different customer segment groups on various platforms simultaneously.

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Why is Social Media Important?


of internet users access social media for product research.


of physicians' most popular activities on social are following what colleagues are sharing and discussing.


of B2B marketers use LinkedIn for lead generation.

Social Media Marketing

Social media has altered the way MedTech brands, prospective clients and end-users communicate. Presenting a data-driven social media management structure, enables cross-functional teams to understand what is most effective for your brand and signal where we need to pivot strategies. Icovy's team of specialists research and optimize your social media profiles, and perform a deep dive into your customer personas backed by competitive analysis. From here, we produce a niche-specific approach to engage past, existing, and prospective clients through meaningful and clinically relevant content to drive endorsements and build credibility through social media channels.
Medical Device Social Media Management Campaigns
Expert Design

Utilize the Right Channels

Medical Device Social Media Marketing campaign on LinkedIn

LinkedIn Management

As part of our medical device social media management package, we have a full-service team to utilize, from creative assets to managing sales navigators and adverting platforms. We integrate campaigns to build credibility, amplify testimonials and video content to heighten engagement and build authority. Whether you are a B2B or D2C MedTech company when you partner with Icovy we ensure your campaigns are far reaching and you are positioned properly.
Medical Device Social Media Management Campaign for Twitter

Twitter Management

For social media channels that can be aggregated by hashtags, Icovy has created a proprietary tool that helps generate targeted followers, increases engagement to build new relationships with potential leads, advocates, and strategic partners.  Our team will routinely source images from on-site media days,  capturing authentic in-the-life images.  As part of these services, our team will research the correct hashtag mix to ensure a discovery, drive engagement and gain followers.
Medical Device Social Media Marketing for Facebook

Facebook Management

Facebook has provided medical device marketers the ability to directly target curated audiences by interests, ethnicities, spending habits, online behaviors, gender/age, causes they support, companies they follow, etc. Icovy’s content specialist creates informative and directive content. If social media advertising is part of your marketing strategy we’ll design, measure, and execute by looking at online behaviors and niche-specific trends with consistently posting content 2-5 times per week. If potential leads comment on a post or direct messages, one of our specialists will help you follow up to mitigate any opportunity from passing you by.

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Medical Device Social Media Marketing Experts

Social Media in MedTech

MedTech social media management services increase brand awareness, website traffic and drive quality lead generation. A strong social media presence signals to potential clients and partners that your company is thriving and interested in engaging through responsive and proactive stories, posts, and videos. Icovy delivers results because we are an extension of your brand. You must not treat this approach to medical device marketing as a one-way broadcast medium. It is about building communities of interest.
Gain a Competitive Advantage
Gain a Medical Device Social Media Marketing Competetive Advantage
You must build social currency  (i.e. multiple social media presence speaks to credibility & builds brand equity). Your medical device brand needs this advantage to break through the noise and shine amongst your competitors.
Budget to Maximize Results
Maximizing Budgets with Medical Device Social Media Management
Have the capital that you invest in your Medical Device Marketing Strategies go further, generating more traffic, increasing sales, and improving ROI.
Medical Device Product Dominance
Product Dominance Medical Device Social Media Marketing
Your targeted customers can find your products, make timely connections and elevate your medical device brand from your competitors.

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MedTech Social Media Management Expertise

Our medical device marketing expertise guides your company using evidence-based strategies, creating compelling content that engages, educates, and converts on a consistent basis.
Medical Device Social Media Marketing Agency Strategy
We gather information to fully understand all aspects of your target audience. Developing answers to the core questions who, what, where, why and how.
Content Writing for a medical device social media marketing campaign
Content Writing
Our team of creative and technical writers are here to support your brand needs and ensures that all messaging is consistent, clear and demonstrates authority.
Graphic design with a medical device social media marketing agency
Graphic Design
Developing the right visual elements for each social post is critical. Know when to use infographics, videos, clinically sound blog posts, visual analytics, etc.
video production working with a medtech social media marketing company
Video Production
Produce short stories, animation videos, testimonial videos, product highlights or creative projects that speak to your company culture with our video team.
medtech social media marketing campaign
Social Media
We take the time-consuming part of management off your hands and collaborate with your internal team to stay on schedule and execute all projects.
medtech social media advertising
If you want to advertise on Google, LinkedIn, Facebook, Youtube, or any other social platform; our team is well-versed in a myriad of platforms and here to bring marketing goals to life.

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