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Providing Industry Specific Marketing Strategies

Icovy is a digital marketing agency that specializes in the medical device marketing consulting. Our consulting services include developing marketing strategies that take a scientific approach to build your client relationships, nurture your current ones and grow your business. We work with companies of all sizes from start-ups, to well established medical device equipment and contract manufacturing companies that have been around for 10 plus years. Whether you need help scaling your business, or just need assistance with coming up with fresh ideas for your next marketing campaign; Icovy can help. Our business model focuses on agency and client collaboration in which we utilize your market knowledge with our industry experience, to build effective marketing strategies. Our goal is to provide you with the correct industry specific marketing tools to set your business up for success.

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Market Research

Just as it is with any marketing campaign, conducting market research is the heart of all of our consulting services. Icovy takes the time to conduct a full analysis on all your marketing campaigns as well as research on the audience you are trying to target. From website audits, email marketing campaigns, google analysis and print materials. You can't create an effective marketing campaign if you don't know where to start or who you are trying to target. We not only analyze your company but we also take the time to do our marketing research and truly get to know and understand the  the audience you want to reach. This allows us to then identify potential opportunities and ways to reach existing and new customers.

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Brand Positioning

Are you struggling to establish a consistent brand identity or feel like you have wasted your efforts targeting the wrong audience? A common mistake made by many medical companies, is underestimating the power of brand positioning. This includes extensive research on not only your target audience but your competitors to make sure you position your brand in a way that get the most exposure to the right audience.  Icovy’s medical device marketing consulting is focused on creating a brand identity that not only stands out but provides solutions to your customer's needs.

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Lead Generation

Whether you’re looking for guidance on how to generate leads from your website, or want to utilize completely new marketing channels to fill your sales funnel, Icovy can help. Our lead generation services offer strategies that are proven to get your brand in front of a higher volume of qualified leads that are more likely to convert within your sales funnel. From videos, social media campaigns to email marketing and trade shows. Our industry expertise has allowed us to create marketing campaigns that bring you customers and increase your marketing ROI.

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We Want to Help You Succeed

Our medical device marketing consultants have one goal, and that’s to guide and provide your business with the right tools and techniques in order to be successful. Icovy is different from traditional marketing consultants, as we use our industry expertise plus our full range of marketing services, to not only deliver but educate our clients how to create results driven marketing campaigns. Our team is made of up creators, strategists, innovators and educators who are all passionate about the medical device industry and helping your businesses scale. We want to work with you to help ignite your brand, find creative channels to reach your audience, and define potential opportunities to generate sales.

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Medical Device Marketing Consulting


Icovy's medical device marketing consulting model takes an educational approach with everything we do. We help you identify all your options and marketing opportunities based on our market research and company analysis. This is why we focus heavily on the initial discovery phase of the consultation process, so once we have a understanding of your company we can then help educate you on ways to utilize different marketing strategies that will highlight you company strengths.


Many marketing companies are able to offer their marketing services, but where Icovy differs is being able to educate our clients on how our services work. Being able to offer that educational value gives our clients the opportunity to understand the value of the work that we are doing. Whether it be your google ads, drip marketing or how search engine optimization works; our medical device consultants are not only technically skilled but also are able to explain exactly how our marketing services operate. Everything we do at Icovy is purpose driven and we want to share with you what makes our marketing strategies effective.


After we have identified potential business opportunities, and you understand the technical work that that goes into each of those opportunities, our next step is to figure out how to build a cohesive plan with specific marketing strategies that align with your business strengths and longterm goals.  This is where we can begin to collaborate to develop a detailed marketing plan that outlines how we can build your brand, reach your targeted audience and set yourself apart in the medical device world.  

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Purpose Driven

Tired of wasting your marketing dollars and not seeing the results? Icovy’s medical device marketing consulting operates with a purpose driven business model to maximize your ROI. We are always consistent, clear and proactive in getting your message out there. A lot of companies are knowledgeable about the different marketing channels that can be used such as a social media, videos, print advertising etc. but underestimate the power behind the strategy.  Sometimes more is not better. Everything we do at Icovy from our brand identity, to our marketing plan and strategy, and digital marketing services has a purpose that is driven by results. Through consistent market analysis, we can evaluate and identity weaknesses and areas of opportunities to make sure we are always headed in the right direction.  We help put together all the right pieces to make your company shine!

Our Experience

Icovy’s medical device marketing consulting offer a complete and comprehensive knowledge of the medical device industry and how to stand out in this field. We do our best to offer our clients a full understanding of all the possibilities to build your brand, reach your targeted audience and increase revenue. Whether you’re a startup or well-established business, our marketing consulting services include consistent communication, collaboration and shared knowledge through weekly meetings, presentations, and webinars to create total transparency and share our marketing insight.

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Medical Device Marketing Consulting FAQ's

What is marketing consulting and what problems do you solve? 


Marketing consulting focus on collaborating with our clients to educate and develop marketing strategies that are proven to work. We provide medical marketing consulting services such as marketing plan and strategy, market research, effective brand positioning and powerful lead generation services. Our team of creators, strategists, marketers and designers work together to deliver marketing consulting services that best fit your company needs and help your business grow.

What is a market analysis?


A market analysis is the gathering of information about your market within a specific industry. The medical device manufacturing is very big and complex, understanding your niche market is key to your marketing success. Icovy’s market analysis includes market research, and a full company assessment to identify your strengths, weaknesses and areas of opportunities for you rmarketing efforts. By conducting a full market analysis, we are able to learn how to reach your target audience and standout from your competitors.

How does Icovy’s medical device marketing consulting help with lead generation?


We offer our marketing channels to generate more leads from your website, ads, email marketing and trade show. Our lead generation services, are centered around knowing your target audience, building a strong brand identity and increasing revenue. From your website, videos to social media, Icovy educates you on how to fill your sales funnel with qualified leads who are likely to convert and what to do with them.

How does the consultation process work?


We don’t like to waste any time, that is why we start with a discovery meeting, where we discuss who your company is and what your marketing needs are. After we conduct a full market analysis to understand your target market and evaluate your company strengths and weaknesses. Once we have a completed market analysis, we can then develop your detailed marketing plan and strategy and then get to work on launching your specific marketing campaigns.

Why do you teach your clients on how you perform your marketing services?


Part of our consulting process focuses heavily on educating our clients, about why we do what we do. We can put together the most strategic google ad campaign, but if our clients don’t have a basic understanding of how and why our process works than how can we expect to gain their trust. Your clients should not be your competition, and we want to give you the  the tools that can help you be successful and scale your business. Our success comes from your growth!

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