Medical Device Product Launch

Implement an effective product launch strategy for successful go-to-market. Product launches can be straightforward or very complex in most cases depending on device specifications, staff and budgetary constraints. After dedicating a significant amount of time developing your new medical device, you are ready to get it to market with a successful product launch.

We work with your internal team to develop effective product launch strategies to ensure that your product has the best speed to market with efficiency. With a combination of creative support, website development, SEO, paid advertising and video production our team integrates a practical approach to increase brand awareness, deliver targeted leads and maximize return on investment (ROI).
Medical Device Product Launch Agency

Product Phase Priorities

Research and Development (R&D)
  • Medical Device Market Research
  • Patent Status
  • Competitive analysis and insight
Device Prototyping
  • Brand Development and Strategy
  • Company and Medical Device Positioning
  • Distribution Channel Strategy
  • Generating Product Interest
  • Building Awareness
  • Develop Sale Strategies
  • Establish Device Infrastructure
Product Launch
  • Lead Generation Strategy
  • Analyze Buyer Behaviors
  • Closed-loop Analysis and Refinement
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Brand Strategy With Icovy

  • Generate More Qualified Leads & Brand Awareness
  • Fully Staffed Sales Development Team
  • Dedicated Customer Success Manager
  • Generated $2M+ in New Business With Same Process

Other Brands

  • Generates Less Qualified Leads
  • Outsource Work
  • Poor Customer Support
  • Haven't Tested Process and Validated Results

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