Medical Device Branding Agency
Medical Device Branding Agency

Amplify Your Medical Device Branding

From your logo to a comprehensive branding strategy, create a digital identity that is clean, clinically relevant and inviting. Your brand voice is critical and communicates who you are, and the value your products and services provide in the minds of your customers.

Strong Brand Identity. Be Remembered.

The Importance of Brand Development


of customers believe brand voice consistency builds trust and credibility.


agree consistent branding across platforms enhances brand recognition.


prefer brands supporting social or environmental causes.
Elegant Medical Device Design

Forging Client-Focused Brand Strategies

Medical Device Branding Agency Strategy


Commence by asking strategic questions from the start. How does your logo and visual assets relate to your messaging? What guidelines are in place to ensure brand voice consistency? Committing to the foundational work will provide direction for your overall organization and branding campaigns.
Market intel
Company history deep-dive
Purpose driven development
Medical Device Product Branding Companies


Clearly define your target audience and market segments. Narrow your focus and limit dilutions.
Persona development
Competitor analysis
Product and service evaluation
Medical Device Branding Agency & Market Research


Grow profitability by understanding your audience's perspective and priorities. Learn about potential market opportunities, threats, strengths and weaknesses.
Create a solid foundation
Understand direct & indrect threats
Know short-term & long-term opportunities
Medical Device Branding Services & Agency

Brand Identity + Name Development

Your name and brand identity is the life-blood of your company. Establish a memorable name and messaging that emotionally appeals to your audience. This service includes name creation and trademarks, color palettes, graphic themes, core messaging: mission, values, slogan, and logo design revealed in a brand style guide.
Medical Device Branding Agency for Rebranding


Our medical device marketing consultants help your company determine if rebranding is a necessary step. It can be a daunting, but a rewarding task with lasting success in your rapidly changing market.
Are you being recognized in the market?
How is your organic traffic/ reach?
Is your branding consistent from end-to-end?
Competitive Medical Device Brand Positioning

Brand Positioning

Define what sets your brand apart from other medical device brands. Our development strategists run a competitive analysis and build market segments to differentiate your brand from competitors. Leverage market opportunities to stand out and leave lasting impressions. Discover who your true customers are, and what platforms they frequently utilize in search of your product/service.
Understand how your company is being viewed
Prioritize market penetration strategy
Proactively engage your audience
Medical Device Branding Agency for Brand Guidelines

Brand Style Guide

Keep your branded collateral congruent and consistent across all platforms with concise and visually engaging brand guidelines, utilized by internal and external teams while creating assets.
Create consistentcy
Elimate unwanted variation use
Develop a professional brand

Discover the Icovy Difference.

Brand Messaging & Content Strategy

Our medical device marketing expertise guides your company using evidence-based strategies, creating compelling content that engages, educates, and converts on a consistent basis.
Medical Device Branding Agency with Content Marketing
Content Marketing
Build brand reputation and visibility while developing credible content to inform, educate and nurture prospective customers to build brand awareness and drive business.
Medical Device Branding Company for Message Strategy
Message Strategy
Develop brand personality through messaging with the right tone that translates, and resonates with your target audience within each market segment.
Medtech Branding Agency Services for Content Writing
Copy Writing
Icovy marketing consultants will evaluate your copywriting and identify strengths and weaknesses.  Be certain your message resonates with your target audience and build credibility through web copy, blogs, press releases, call-to-action strategies, white papers, e-books, conversion strategies, branding, and more.
Medical Device Branding Agency Services for Blog Writing & press Releases
Blog Writing
Create authoritative content that aligns with your medical device brand and FDA marketing guidelines, that delivers the value your audience is searching for. Establish a balanced approach with creative, informative and technical information that is easy to digest.
Medical Device Branding Agency for Social Media Marketing
Social Media
Learn how to keep up with your audience's demand for frequent, fast-moving and quality content that breaks your medical device company through the noise within your evolving market.
Medical Device Branding Agency for Web Design
Web Design & Development
Maximize return on investment with a web design that enhances user experience and functions as your digital foundation. Include testimonials and video content to illustrate your brands customer loyalty and life changing  impact.
Medtech Branding Strategy for Landing Page Development
Landing Pages
Leverage our MedTech industry specific services to boost your marketing confidence, relevance and online results with optimized campaigns that are built with precision. Most campaigns drive customers back to your website, make sure your landing pages stand out.
Medical Device Branding Company for Email Marketing
Newsletters & Email
Email marketing is one of the more powerful tools that you have access to for customer acquisition and retention. Our medical device marketing consultants can develop, design and distribute your email campaigns to increase engagement and leads.
Medical Device Brand Strategy & Agency for Animation Development
Animation Video
Animation video captivates your audience with the delivery of clear and enticing messaging, highlighting elements that enable clinicians to quickly understand your medical device and how it will advance patient lives.
Medical Device Branding Company for Presentation Development
Achieve your full potential with custom built company presentations that are developed to inspire and drive action. Our design team collaborates with your team to deliver interactive powerpoint presentations, pitch decks, infographics/visual analytics, and supporting materials for conferences and tradeshows.

Our Process

Discovery - Understand Your Culture & Market Segment

Your medical device brand is the result of partnership, examination, and creativity. We collectively review your company’s culture, business goals, target audience, messaging, current brand identity and metrics, design preferences and overall vision in comparison to the competition.

Based on these creative briefs across teams we establish a strong foundation, then a project timeline and strategy will be set in motion.

Medical Device Branding Agency helping establish credibility
Establish Credibility
Medtech Branding Agency helping establish benefits & value propositions
Emphasize Benefit
Medical Device Branding Agency for Brand Exposure
Uplift Your Brand Above the Noise
Medical Device Branding Agency to Educate Industry Stakeholders

Concept - Define the Formula for Success

Icovy’s medical device branding campaigns are driven by data, and involves all stakeholders in order to accurately forecast. Our designers begin with your market segment research, looking at design trends, direct and indirect competitors, and industry standards.

Then evaluate your medical device company’s vision, purpose, style, messaging, content and culture. Our designers put pen to paper, or should we say pixel to canvas, as they initiate conceptualizing your brand.

Medical Device PPC & Paid Advertising Company
Research & Analysis  
Medical Device PPC & Paid Advertising Company
Consistently Revisited & Refined

Design - Iterated for Success

Providing value, brand and product positioning, and connecting with the right target audience is only half of the battle. Measuring campaigns, actively reviewing and refining is essential to achieving success. A robust MedTech marketing strategy notices both subtle and significant indicators of your campaigns performance and makes ongoing improvements.

By analyzing your click-through rates, online visitor behavior, conversions, and a variety of other variables, a reputable MedTech agency will ensure your campaigns are getting the maximum return on investment. We collaborate and review conversions and KPIs with our clients on an ongoing basis to actively plan, strengthen, and execute our campaigns.

Medical Device PPC & Paid Advertising Company
Build Trust
Medical Device PPC & Paid Advertising Company
Reduce Risk
Medical Device PPC & Paid Advertising Company
Drive Results
Medical Device PPC & Paid Advertising Company
Increase Effectiveness
Medtech Branding Expert working at Medical Device Branding Agency

Helping Push MedTech Innovation Forward,
to Advance Patient Lives

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