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Drive business revenue with precise target marketing. When approaching new markets it is important to understand who your target audience is and how to reach them. Corporate positioning is important because it enables your team to effectively sell to your prospective buyer in a sophisticated manner. Our team has hands on experience to help you accurately position your medical device products, divisions and entire company.

Is Your Company Appropriately Positioned Against Your Competitors?

Corporate Positioning traditionally is developed in combination with a marketing assessment that involves market research. In order to create an effective marketing strategy, it is essential to develop a plan that is both practicable, and measurable. Icovy can help you create messaging that helps resonate with your audience by keying in on focal points to develop buyer personas. This allows members from all company disciplines, from executives, engineers, marketing, sales to customer service and HR to effectively align with your go-to-market strategy.

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Setting the Foundation with Corporate Positioning Workshops

It is easy for many medical device companies to concentrate on the product. Positioning workshops are beneficial as they help your team turn attention to the customer problem. These workshops allow you to understand how prospective buyers view the market and your competitors; and help craft messaging that is precise and compels your audiences. Corporate positioning workshops provide insight that can then be utilized to develop your marketing roadmap. This will ultimately help develop a plan and strategy that will implement the perfectly crafted messaging to reach your customers at the right time.

Corporate Branding Development

Brand equity is one of the most important elements for long-term business success. It is the base that your business stands on to build a customer foundation and increase brand loyalty. We help you become well positioned to grow brand recognition in critical phases like company acquisitions, new market entries, business model modifications, and business development ramp ups.

Our team is here when you are in search of a brand refresh and looking to make any kind of branding changes. These can range from smaller product alignments or complete rebranding segments. We will collaborate with you to expand your brand awareness, modernize your brands appearance and behavior, redefine core messaging, and develop core materials.

Benefits & Outcomes


Additional market insight

Competitive Intel

Gain competitive advantages


Go to market preparedness

Marketing Collateral

Materials in place for launch

Revenue Impact

Increased margins and revenue

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