Maximizing Visibility for Turner Imaging Systems in Medical and Sports Imaging

Revolutionizing portable imaging with strategic marketing in the OR, clinic and sports sectors.

Turner Imaging Brand Story

Founded in 2018 with seed investment, Turner Imaging Systems rapidly developed groundbreaking technology in portable X-ray and fluoroscopic imaging. The Utah-based company's SMART-C® Mini C-Arm technology is disrupting the medical imaging space, with applications extending from operating rooms to NFL sidelines. Strategic partnerships with industry giants like Siemens Healthineers have helped Turner Imaging Systems gain traction in multiple sectors, including surgical imaging, clinical imaging, and sports medicine.

Company Goal

To maximize visibility and adoption of the SMART-C® Mini C-Arm across key sectors—surgical imaging, clinical imaging, sports medicine—and expanding into orthopedic, foot & ankle, and clinics, through targeted marketing initiatives and strategic partnerships.

Company Vision

To revolutionize medical imaging globally by making high-quality, portable X-ray and fluoroscopic technology accessible, especially in underserved regions, thereby transforming healthcare delivery and athletic injury management.

Why Turner Imaging Partnered with Icovy

Turner Imaging Systems sought to be a disruptor in the medical imaging industry, offering portable solutions not just in traditional medical settings but also in sports medicine, including partnerships with NFL, MLB, and NHL teams. Recognizing the need for a targeted, multi-faceted marketing approach to match their ambitious vision, Turner Imaging partnered with Icovy. The scope of Turner Imaging's first engagement with Icovy included:

  • Comprehensive marketing consulting to align business goals with marketing strategies
  • Implementation of PPC (Google Ads) to increase visibility and lead generation
  • SEO optimization to improve online presence and organic reach
  • Email Marketing campaigns featuring custom HTML development & deployment for engagement
  • Content writing support to convey the company’s value proposition effectively
  • Development of sales collateral to aid the sales team in presentations and pitches
  • Social Media Marketing to build brand awareness and community engagement

This partnership aimed to not only increase visibility but also position Turner Imaging as a pioneer in the medical imaging space, especially in surgical imaging, clinical imaging, sports medicine, orthopedic, and foot & ankle sectors.

Turner Imaging Systems
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Expectations of Partnership

The objective was to leverage Icovy's digital marketing expertise to grow Turner Imaging's market share in specialized medical sectors. The partnership aimed to capitalize on Turner Imaging's high-profile sports partnerships to gain a unique competitive edge.

Benefits of the Icovy Difference

Through partnering with Icovy, Turner Imaging successfully expanded its visibility in targeted medical and sports sectors. Icovy offered specialized digital marketing strategies and insightful data analytics that helped Turner Imaging adapt to shifting market trends. This holistic marketing approach not only boosted the brand's reach but also reinforced its position as an innovative player in the industry.

The Challenge

Despite its innovative technology, Turner Imaging Systems faced the challenge of penetrating a highly competitive market dominated by established players. They needed strategic marketing interventions to elevate their brand, reach their target audiences effectively, and foster new partnerships.

The Solution

Icovy Marketing provided a suite of tailored services, including:

  • Marketing Consulting: We laid the groundwork with a comprehensive marketing strategy aimed at increasing visibility in multiple healthcare sectors.
  • PPC (Google Ads): Developed targeted pay-per-click campaigns to boost immediate online visibility.
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization): Implemented an SEO strategy designed to achieve long-term organic growth.
  • Email Marketing: Custom HTML Development & Deployment for specialized campaigns targeting different sectors within healthcare.
  • Content Writing: Created compelling content that not only highlights the technical prowess of SMART-C® but also its versatile applications.
  • Sales Collateral: Designed persuasive sales materials that make complex technological concepts easily understandable for decision-makers.

Social Media Marketing: Built a robust social media presence to engage directly with both traditional healthcare providers and emerging markets like sports medicine.

The Results

  • Enhanced Online Visibility: The PPC and SEO initiatives led to a marked improvement in online visibility, generating leads especially in emerging sectors like sports medicine.
  • Broadened Market Reach: Customized marketing strategies helped Turner Imaging Systems diversify into new areas, including specialized clinics and sports medicine, a previously untapped market.
  • Strengthened Partnerships: Through strategic marketing, Turner Imaging Systems has been able to fortify existing partnerships and forge new alliances, including with Siemens Healthineers and several professional sports leagues.

The Impact

By successfully navigating the challenges and leveraging targeted solutions, Turner Imaging Systems has exemplified how a smaller company with big ambitions can disrupt an established industry.

Turner Imaging Systems may be a smaller player, but they have big ambitions. Their unique ability to penetrate non-traditional markets like professional sports leagues sets them apart as a disruptor in the medical imaging sector. Icovy’s multi-pronged marketing strategy has been crucial in helping them scale new heights and reach untapped markets, proving that size is not always indicative of the impact a company can make in an industry.

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