We are Icovy; we are not your traditional marketing agency. Where we differ is that we have a completely different approach than most agencies that has been implemented to maximize exposure and save revenue. The strategies that we have developed have been proven to work whether you are a start-up or a multi-million dollar corporation; we will prove that our system in the most financially beneficial to you in order to maximize growth and revenue in your company. If you are utilizing all of your resources the correct way you will save a minimum of $20K annually. Don't believe us? Schedule a demo!

Built with passion

We listen to your needs and help create the perfect package for you!

We take the time to truly understand every aspect of your business. We take our time to do so because it is crucial to understand where your business/ project is and where the opportunities are. We ensure that we will create a strategy that will enhance your marketing productivity and save you additional revenue. Our system has been put in place to help businesses of all sizes no matter whether you are a free-lancer, start-up or a well established corporation.


Lorenzo Johnson
prsident & CEO
Autumn Heil
creative leaD
Riley Porter
account manager
kendra horsfield
Business development manager
abe snider
creative operator
daniela sanchez
MEDIA coordinator
anna goebel
Visual designer
george johnson
optimization specialist
george johnson
optimization specialist

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How We Work

Being good in one area in your market is no longer good enough in today's world. You might as well do it right or don't do it at all. Which direction do you want to go in?

Step 1. Consultation

We take the time to briefly learn more about your company/ projects in order to determine which packages will best fit your needs. We will then evaluate and present the demo that will provide the most benefits.


Step 2. Demo

We will then schedule a time to plan a demo for for your team in order to share details about how we can guarantee to save your company a minimum of $20K annually while increasing your marketing efforts with the use of our provided tool sets.


Step 3. Strategize

Now it's time to get to business! Icovy creates a fully customized plan and strategy that will get your projects started in the right direction. We work closely with your internal team to ensure that all of the necessary parties are involved from start to finish.


Step 4. Create

We take all of your passion and creativity to help create the perfect content that helps portray your vision. You have access to your custom tool sets that will allow you the ability to create content in ways that may have been unrealistic before.

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