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Our team full of experts allow us to offer a wide range of services from Social Media Management, Photography and Videography, Search Engine Optimization, Website Design and Print advertising; so all your marketing needs can be taken care of with one company. This consistency can be seen through our marketing strategies that have been proven to work whether you are a start-up or a multi-million-dollar corporation. We have the ability to minimize your spending while maximizing your return!


We listen to your needs and help create the perfect package for you!

Icovy takes the time to truly understand every aspect of your business in order to see where/what marketing efforts will be the most beneficial to your company. By taking the time to understand where your business is at now and what your ultimate vision is, this allows us to create a marketing strategy that is tailored to your marketing goals. Whether it be brand awareness, a new website, quality photographs, videos, or you’re starting from scratch; big or small, our system is designed to help you get the most for your money.

Shorter Lead Times

We pride ourselves on on-time delivery with the shortest lead times. Need a project today? Let's discuss the project details and get it into production.


If you have a project that came to mind at 3am and wanted to get it added to your production list for your upcoming campaign or event. Our team is capable of easily adapting to your specific needs and getting it done. Don't worry about any standardized production periods. We're here to help you where we can!

Unlimited Support

Having trouble understanding any reports, need help with website maintenance or simply having generic trouble shooting issues. Just give us a call and we'll have someone there to assist you.
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Lorenzo Johnson
Account Manager
Riley Porter
Media Coordinator
Daniela Sanchez
Creative Lead
Autumn Heil

What Clients Say?

Danny B.
"Icovy has provided extremely responsive service, creative ideas and established a brand awareness strategy for our company. I am excited to continue to utilize their services."
Dewayne C.
We get higher quality projects done and we spend significantly less annually. We love that we can depend on the Icovy team to handle both small and large scale projects. The system that they have implemented has been the most convenient system that we have found that works best for us. We couldn't image going back to a project by project system
Taylor PK
"The Icovy team is always there when we need them. Regardless if we ever had last minute projects or a much larger project that was going to take weeks to accomplish, they were always able to take care of our needs. They established a personal relationship with us from the start and have always taken care of everything that they said they would with no problems. They have proven that we can trust their system and I believe that partnering with them has been the best decision we’ve made in years! 5/5 would highly recommend!"
Brittany M.
"Working with the Icovy Marketing team has been and continues to be more that what we have ever expected. We have seen a significant increase in our  marketing efforts and lead generation. This has lead to an overall increase in company revenue. Thank you Icovy!"
LaCynthia T.
“I reached out to Icovy in need of assistance with my start-up businesses marketing and strategy plan.  Lorenzo and his team were very well versed in their knowledge of marketing and strategy, they even gave me pointers on my business name.  Icovy made it easy to understand the process.   They educated me about everything that I needed in order to be successful. They were completely transparent and helped me develop a strategy that would be the most beneficial (financially) for my business long term.  I would recommend Icovy marketing for all of your marketing services and I look forward to continuing a business relationship"
Brianna G.
I was looking for someone who could help me create a bigger presence online through social media and that’s why I reached out to Icovy. Icovy Marketing helped me boost my business awareness through all social media platforms. They helped us reach our target market by developing unique graphics and posts,that grabbed our audience’s attention. If you want to work with professionals and creative people who you can rely on then Icovy is the way to go!
Ashley F.
Fantastic group of people!!
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