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Who we are and why we do what we do

Icovy Marketing is a branding, lead generation and digital marketing agency who solely specializes in working with medical professionals within the Medical Device Industry. We have had the pleasure to help a variety of companies which include well-established organizations and aspiring start-ups. With extensive experience in helping med device companies build their brands and develop lead generation systems, Icovy loves being a critical part of your journey. From helping medical device manufacturers to leading your go-to-market strategy; our well-rounded experience allows us to provide you with guidance that will push your business forward and increase growth opportunities.

We pride ourselves in partnering with innovative companies and entrepreneurs who are ready to take the next step in their marketing journey. Whether establishing or redefining your brand positioning, launching a new product, developing a powerful lead generation system, or enhancing your company's brand awareness; we take a client-centered and holistic approach to build your brand, generate more qualified leads and ultimately increase annual revenue year over year.

Who We Are

Meet Our Leadership Team

President & CEO
Lorenzo Johnson
Riley Porter
Who We Are

The Leadership Team that Powers Our Engine

Lorenzo Johnson

As our CEO, Lorenzo is our Creative Director and visionary of Icovy Marketing with a keen sense of creative design, balanced with his demanding leadership skills. He helps bring different vantage points to our medical device clients with his experience working directly with C-level executives and marketing teams from start-ups, fortune-500 companies, and brands few and far between. His extensive knowledge in medical device best practices, help brands gain a competitive edge in their medical device ecosystem with a systematic and data-driven approach.

Riley Porter

When you think of someone who is selfless and has the utmost compassion for humanity, you think of Riley. Her passion for helping others and making a positive impact is infectious at Icovy Marketing. As our Managing Director she brings energetic and inventive perspective to client relationships and internal teams as she manages daily operations and downstream marketing activities. Riley has a deep understanding of the medical device industry and knows what it takes to bring teams together to execute projects with the utmost quality.

Brooke Balla

With extensive experience in client-centered program development and community leadership, Brooke leads collaborative efforts with a team of strategists to contribute to brand messaging, community building, and digital campaign strategy. As our VP of Strategic Development, her in-depth thought leadership abilities bring’s determination, excitement and strength to Icovy as she’s always inspiring others while bringing new perspective to our medical device clients.

Our Values & Focus

We've chosen our path of business as we are a group of people who strive to make positive impact and improve the lives of others.

Our entire team has a passion to make positive impact in the world and we want to work with clients who want to truly want to make a difference in their industry and help advance the lives of others.

Motivation & Quality

We are an extremely motivated team that is willing to provide proper guidance to execute on your behalf and we want to work with clients who respect and truly value great quality work that is is provided.


We come to work as a team of inspired individuals who are committed to our purpose and enjoy what we do. We want to work with clients who have an appreciation for our work and truly want to push their business forward.

We Listen to your needs and help create the perfect digital marketing package for you!

At Icovy, we have learned that there is no one-fits-all approach to digital marketing across our specialized industries. Every medical or healthcare business is different, and we get this. This is why our digital campaigns have driven success for our customers. We provide fully customized packages to meet your marketing goals. More importantly, we exercise transparency in communication, discuss your brand, and learn what makes your business unique. From site redesigns, developing quality video content, capturing brand telling images and bridging the gap between sales & marketing; speak to the team at Icovy and know the you and your brand are in great hands.

Shorter Lead Times
Do you need fast turnaround and efficient product delivery? We are the name you can trust for short lead times without compromising on quality.
Different goals, visions, and business values require a flexible marketing strategy to achieve success. Our dynamic team is ready to work with you and incorporate your goals and purpose into an advertising campaign. Our professionals encourage adaptability helping grow your marketing campaign along with the growth of your business.
If you’ve worked with a digital marketing agency only to be left with more questions than answers, you are not alone. Icovy has designed our digital marketing agency around valuable and trusted support services. We deliver unlimited phone and email support, so you always have someone you can rely on, no matter how simple or complex your request.
We strive to work together to deliver real the results that you are searching for. 100% satisfaction guarantee!
Who We Are

Creative Team

CEO, Creative Director
Lorenzo Johnson
Managing Director
Riley Porter
VP of Strategic Development
Brooke Balla

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