Esaote: Crafting a Dynamic Creative Voice in North America

Elevating Esaote's creative output in MRI through cost-effective, high-impact design solutions.


Esaote, an Italian multinational specializing in medical diagnostic systems, such as ultrasound and MRI technology, has been a cornerstone in the healthcare industry for years. Despite their technological process, Esaote found itself at a crossroads: the creative side of their MRI division needed revitalization. With a small internal team focused primarily on research and development, Esaote sought an external partnership to amplify their creative output.

Goals and Vision

Esaote aimed to elevate the creative quality of its MRI division to position the brand as a premier choice in medical imaging. The company was looking for a dynamic, long-term partnership that could deliver exceptional creative work without overstretching their budget. Key objectives included the enhancement of creative elements across advertising, social media, and sales collateral to better reflect the innovation inherent in their products.

Why Partnered

Choosing Icovy was more than just a business decision for Esaote; it was a strategic alliance. Icovy's cost-effective, yet high-quality solutions offered the right balance Esaote was seeking. Our long-term engagement model was particularly appealing, assuring Esaote of continued support and creative evolution.


Esaote faced several key challenges. The team had limited internal resources to dedicate to creative projects, putting pressure on the company to stand out in a highly competitive global market. They needed to find a way to produce consistent, high-quality creative content that would resonate with their target audience, all while adhering to strict budget constraints.

Esaote North America
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Icovy extended its creative arm to become the de facto external design team for Esaote's MRI division. By embedding ourselves in their vision and understanding the technical complexities of medical imaging, we were able to craft captivating materials that resonate both medically and aesthetically. From striking advertisements that capture the eye to informative brochures that capture the mind, Icovy elevated Esaote's creative portfolio.


  • Tangible improvement in the quality of creative output, establishing Esaote's MRI division as a thought leader.
  • Robust collection of new sales collateral, leading to more engaged discussions with prospects.
  • Increased social media engagement rates, indicative of a more compelling online presence.

Esaote and Icovy have forged a symbiotic relationship where creativity meets innovation, and where ideas meet impact. As Esaote continues to push the boundaries of medical diagnostics, Icovy remains their creative compass, ensuring that every pixel is as pioneering as each medical breakthrough.

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