Kaneka Medical

Kaneka is part of a global $5 billion business that designs and manufactures solutions ranging from medical devices, biopharmaceuticals, biodegradable polymers, and more.

We are excited to bring their US-based customers the i-ED Coil – a proven, market-leading aneurysm treatment platform in Japan. Kaneka’s first engagement with Icovy was building a brand concept and a medical animation video. The goal was to create a visual brand identity that stood out in their space and harnessed subtle elements of origin. The medical animations were developed to showcase their product's capabilities in multiple content formats.

The Challenge

Kaneka’s team was tired of seeing the sterile branding of so many Medtech companies, where oftentimes, the medical blues and emergency reds get lost in the simplification of medical device branding. They knew if they approached their US market launch looking like every other company, they would not see the same ROI.

Kaneka Medical
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The Solution

Kaneka selected Icovy as their partner due to the breadth of services, being a one-stop-shop, and found appeal in not having to handhold in educating on their product because they saw the value in selecting an agency that knew their market and clinical language. The Icovy process saved time, and the team responsiveness stood out, reported Ariel Long. The ability to take in a project and deliver before a deadline has kept the partnership going and to encompass more services.

Partnership Objectives:

  • Japanese vs North American style of the brand 
  • Gain market insights
  • Strategy & growth mindset for product and division extensions
  • Connecting clinical, sales & marketing

In Japan, honor and cherry blossoms are a part of the cultural identity. In the concept phase, the team wanted a modern and bold design with a piece of home. The medical division of corporate uses the color pink across product lines, we saw an opportunity to integrate a bright, cherry blossom pink to stand out against the competitors.

Once the branding was approved by corporate, the team embarked on applying themes and medical animations to trade show assets in preparation for the 2022 product launch. Exhibiting at the Society of Neurointerventional Surgery Annual Meeting meant they needed to stand out. Kaneka leadership shared positive feedback from attendees and competitors on the new logo. Between the interactive booth design, streaming medical animation video, and the flagship technical brochure, the sales team exceeded their lead scan goals.

The Impact


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