Machine Solutions Acquisition Strategy & Global Footprint Development

Becoming a Single-Source Supplier & the Marketing Plan that Led the Way

Machine Solutions Brand Story

Machine Solutions Inc. is the premier provider of advanced equipment and services to the medical device and overall healthcare industry. The company and its industry-leading brands - MSI, Steeger USA, Vante, PlasticWeld Systems, Crescent Design, Beahm Designs, BW-TEC, and SEBRA - continue to increase the range of capital equipment products and services through an effective brand merger and acquisition strategy.

Company Goal

To tell the story of Machine Solutions and its buy-and-build acquisition strategy through the development and execution of a blended brand initiative and the creation of visual assets.

Company Vision

To be the premier global provider of advanced equipment and services for the medical device, biopharmaceutical, and blood- and plasma-collection industries by providing proprietary mechanical solutions to various complex processes, testing, and device design challenges.

Why Machine Solutions Partnered with Icovy

Machine Solutions came to Icovy with no internal marketing team seeking a partner to create a blended brand initiative and find answers to the following questions:

  • How to craft a core message under a unified brand while maintaining the integrity of each brand’s different value proposition and customer base?
  • How do we restructure internal systems to align with our parent company, Barry Wehmiller’s leadership, and company culture?
  • What is a customer-centric message to address the price increase that came with the acquisition, keeping trust intact and showing the added benefits while grappling with supply chain challenges? 

Machine Solutions
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Expectations of Partnership

After multiple acquisitions, Machine Solutions needed to refresh its strategy to maintain its brand equity while at the same time refocusing its target audience on the primary brand as a single source supplier. The scope of Machine Solutions’ engagement with Icovy included:

  • Acquisition Strategy 
  • Aligning with Barry Wehmiller's company goals  
  • Brand Merging/ Consolidation
  • Single-Source Supplier Market Messaging 
  • Technical Execution (Web Dev, SEO, PPC, Webinars, Trade shows)

The Challenge

While most of the business world was on pause during the pandemic year 2020, Machine Solutions was busy evolving the entity to align with its long-term vision of providing global customers with a comprehensive suite of manufacturing equipment, process expertise, and inclusive manufacturing solutions with a myriad of recent acquisitions, including industry-recognized leaders in testing and automation.

The Solution

As the Medical Device industry evolved, the equipment supplier base remained a cottage industry with fractured offerings, leading to supplier insecurity.  Now with its seventh acquisition, Machine Solutions has created supplier stability for the long haul.  

In 2013, Machine Solutions Inc. expanded its reach in the medical device manufacturing equipment market through its acquisition of Vante Inc. In 2014, MSI acquired Steeger USA, which enabled the company to initiate combined offerings of braiding and lamination equipment. Thanks to its acquisition of PlasticWeld Systems in 2015, MSI quickly became the industry standard for tip-forming and bonding solutions. In 2017, MSI expanded its offering in the sealing space by acquiring Sebra from Haemonetics Corporation. These combined offerings continue to multiply with the addition of Beahm Designs, BW-Tech, and Crescent Design. 

Due to a large number of acquisitions over a short time, MSI needed a way to provide clarity amongst its various brands while transforming itself into a parent company as a singular brand recognizable among the various markets. This was achieved by consolidating brands where necessary while actively promoting MSI to keep the current brand equity intact. Some of the tactics included message development and distribution along with the strategy to make this scalable within MSI’s buy-and-build strategy. Icovy developed a hybrid strategy with strategic channel selection and utilized different branded assets on platforms while emphasizing the primary brand to accurately communicate its unique story.

Results: Centralized Expertise + Lead Generation Via Video Marketing

With the most recent acquisitions, Machine Solutions can proudly say that they reached a tipping point and have centralized much of the industry’s equipment expertise.  This allows device engineers to have one touchpoint, a single email, call, or webinar registration, and access to top equipment and process experts.  

Additionally, in keeping with Machine Solution’s people centric-culture and unique acquisition approach, the mission is to maintain the core principles and key talents of each acquisition brand.  As a result, Machine Solutions has harnessed decades of equipment design knowledge and engineering talent and timely marketing initiatives exceeding goals.  

With Icovy’s help, in 2022, the company launched 3 webinars. The Tube Bonding webinar attracted 388 registrants, with 813 recording views. Added benefits included expanding reach and growing followers on LinkedIn, and a notable increase in website traffic by 38%.

After the website audit, analytics showed a considerable increase in clicks once messaging was segmented and product animations were added. Video content was created to showcase company leadership, expertise, and culture, which led to an increase in conversions with quality leads. The team spoke with subject matter experts to release white papers and technical brochures to better equip the sales team and significantly increased close rates.

The Impact

  • Webinars enabled the single-source supplier to emphasize their expertise offering equipment solutions where targets exceeded the desired registrant goal by 388%.
  • 2+ webinars developed
  • 1+ channel deployed as an alternative to trade shows
  • 12+ countries included in attendee demographics
The Impact


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