Medical Animations: How to Enhance The Impactful Story of Your Medical Device

Medical animations are an effective tool when communicating medical device information to patients and healthcare professionals. This article explains why you should include them in your Medtech marketing strategy.
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In this article, discover the top benefits of medical animations for medical device companies:

  • Create a powerful brand identity across multiple channels
  • Simplify complex medical concepts
  • Improve information recall
  • Communicate with your audience in an easily accessible format
  • Use it to educate, influence or both

Did you know that in 2022, the value of the global medical animation market was $198.80 million? The market is experiencing unprecedented growth, expected to reach $487.90 million by 2027. Several factors drive this phenomenal growth. One such driving force is the rise in demand for medical technologies to help meet the needs of an aging population. In addition, technological innovations have also played a vital role in the growing prevalence of medical animation videos. As a result, obtaining high-quality animations to explain complex medical concepts is more cost-effective than ever.

As more and more start-ups enter the Medtech market, device marketers are propelled to seek new, innovative ways to better engage with their target audiences and compellingly communicate their products' benefits. 3D medical animations are a perfect example of how you can bring the story of your medical device to life and increase your brand reach, engagement and sales. 

What Is A Medical Device Animation? 

Medical device animations are short videos that show the technology in action. Medical animations can be used for multiple reasons, such as training clinical trial staff on a medical device to ensure protocol adherence and teaching HCPs about product use and updates. 

From a marketing perspective, animations are a fantastic tool to showcase the product’s features, benefits, unique functionality, and advantages over other alternatives. Thanks to their versatility, they can be shown in digital sales aids, at trade show booths, and on a product website.

Why Should Medtech Companies Make Medical Animations Part Of Their Marketing Strategy?

Although you may need to shift some of your marketing dollars from other traditional marketing tactics to hire a team of professionals to create high-quality animations, the expected ROI on this investment can be substantial.

Adding medical device animations to your marketing toolbox allows you to market your product creatively and enhance your company’s image among your potential customers. A high-quality, eye-catching, and informative animation can add credibility to your product and improve your marketing message and the commercialization of your technology.

Let's discover the main benefits of incorporating animation assets in your Medtech marketing plan

Strengthen Your Brand Identity 

Brand association plays a powerful role in buying decisions. So naturally, a positive brand image will likely result in favorable decisions, such as doing business with your company. However, surprisingly few Medtech marketers recognize the ability of scientific animations to create a powerful brand identity across multiple channels within a marketing campaign. So whether your purpose is to educate HCPs on the incredible benefits your technology offers, train surgeons on its use, or create a consistent brand identity, you can use the same animations on a diverse mix of traditional and digital marketing channels. 

You can use them to showcase the impact story of your device in virtual conferences, medical meetings, investor relations, corporate communications, websites, landing pages, and social media platforms. Regardless of the platform, animations tend to perform exceptionally well, thanks to their attention-grabbing and colorful illustrations.

Admittedly, it is difficult to find a more effective method of conveying the science behind your medical product than a masterfully crafted scientific animation using captivating visuals. In addition, when done right, you can ensure your message is communicated in an easy-to-understand and engaging format with the highest scientific accuracy.

Convey Complex Scientific Concepts - Simply

Not everyone has a strong enough stomach to watch videos of invasive surgeries. So instead of live-action videos, you can use animations to educate patients and other non-medical audiences about procedures involving your device. Another practical application is the ability to offer a view on a microscopic scale and demonstrate your technology's mechanism of action during operations. Animations also allow you to enhance specific video segments by rendering events in slow motion, thereby improving understanding. 

Communicate Your Message In An Easily Accessible Format

Yes, one of the single most difficult challenges Medtech companies face today is communicating with their existing and prospective clients in a format easy to access and understand. Thankfully, doctors can watch 2D, 3D, and 4D animations directly on their smartphones or tablets, allowing them to consume the information whenever they choose. 

Inform Or Persuade Your Audience - Or Both

Pharmaceutical and life sciences companies have long used 3D animations to educate patients and providers about drug action profiles. But while informing and educating are objectives often tied to medical animations, they are not the only ones. 

For instance, encouraging viewers to take action, such as requesting an in-office product demo, can also be accomplished with simple animations. To urge your audience to learn more, register for a webinar, or make a purchase, be sure to provide an emotional stimulus in your video. 

Even if the data supporting your medical technology is dry and technical, resist the temptation to become too technical, especially if your animation targets a broader audience, not exclusively medical professionals. An overwhelmingly technical animation video can quickly backfire by driving people away from your brand. Instead, keep your video short and sweet, and consider making it 3-dimensional to create a lasting impression on your viewers. 

Furthermore, many start-ups use 3D animations to showcase their devices to investors when raising capital. Since companies don't have the final product at the early stage, animations allow them to give a high-level overview of their concepts and persuade investors to partake in their journey. 

Summary Of Medical Animations For Medical Devices

In Medtech, marketing is a challenge. The products are complex, and the information is technical. Making matters worse, the target audience does not include only medical professionals. Patients, investors, and hospital executives often lack the in-depth medical training to fully understand a medical device's science. That's where medical device animations come into play, offering a creative and engaging solution. 

Medical animations - especially 3-dimensional ones - enjoy increasing popularity in Medtech. Don't miss out on an effective strategy to engage with surgeons and bring the science behind your device to life.

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