Developing Marketing Content That Will Help Boost Medical Device Sales

The best ways to market your medical device product or services is dependent upon who your target market consists of. You will want to fully understand your customer personas, in order to enable your team to create content that is custom tailored and geared towards the appropriate market segments. Interactions at every step of the buying cycle, will require a different kind of content piece that potential customers are desiring.

It’s also important to understand that some prospective clients may be in the research phase and are looking to educate themselves about your product and/ or services subject matter.

Maximizing your website and digital footprint

Your medical device website design serves as your digital storefront and is the primary resource that customers will utilize to gather detailed information about your products, services, capabilities, customer service offerings and training opportunities. Your website is where all of the factual and important information that potential customers will be searching for is located.

All assets within your digital design should be professional, clear and understanding in order to provide a comprehensive user experience for online visitors. This alone can make or break your sales opportunities, as your website is a direct representation of your company’s standards and personality which will be used to differentiate you from your competitors. Leveraging your creative marketing team, it is recommended that you create dynamic content such as, downloadable content, interactive videos, and pop-up modals to help get prospective customers further down the sales funnel, and ultimately convert into company leads.

Staying up to date with blog posting

If you want to attract the interest of your audience, and keep them engaged for a consistent period of time, the easiest way to do so is with your blogs and insights that are hosted on your website. Writing interesting content, and adding eye catching visual elements to your articles, are a great way to help your audience digest your content in an easy way. When getting started, here are a couple of ideas that you can begin writing about:

  • Recent company research or industry trends that affect your company or prospective customers
  • Easy tips n tricks surround day-to-day activities, such as practice management
  • Introduction to new product lines and/ or equipment that is coming to market
  • Introduce internal teams and team members and the benefits they bring to your company
  • Describe benefits that your medical device product or service provides to your target audience
  • Equipment, procedures and applications that your medical device supports
Presenting proven value through case studies & client testimonials

Case studies are one of the biggest assets that you can have for your medical device marketing initiatives. With a variety of mission critical projects coming to fruition and high risk associated with med devices it is critical that you develop an inventory of previous projects. So when you are speaking to an individual practitioner, hospital, private practice or even a third party manufacturing group, you have the ability to use social proof to enhance your company’s credibility, by sharing instances of improved patient outcomes, cost control or capability enhancement.

Having raw data and factual evidence that you can share in case studies with reinforcement of peer-to-peer testimonials, is the ultimate combination that you should strive for when attempting to build considerable credibility with your target audience. This is effective in instances such as, when a medical professional has a patient that may be hesitant about a procedure. The physician can easily refer to their case study that includes patient outcome statistics, eye-catching before and after photos, and testimonials. This will help increase your physician’s brand credibility and easier establish rapport with their patient. Ultimately, as your medical device brand begins to build credibility in the market, this will help strengthen consumers’ decision to choose your brand over competitors.

Utilizing social media as your marketing hub

The way that consumers are finding content is becoming more frequent on social media and digital platforms. Social media is an extraordinary way to reach various audiences at the same time with extremely targeted content. With social media platforms spoon feeding desirable content to users globally with digital algorithms, it is critical that your company is utilizing popular and upcoming outlets as much as possible. Some platforms are more saturated than others, but finding the right ones will pay dividends in the long run.

Similar to blog writing, social media posts do not have any limits except for factual claims that you include in your text. Social media is an exceptional avenue to use visual elements such as custom graphics, 3D animations, and short stories to appeal to your different audiences. Learning to mix and match and repurpose content to stay consistent all year round, is the best way to expand your reach and generate the best return on investment (ROI).

Focusing on brand equity and distribution

Although staying consistent is the best way to keep your audiences engaged and drive sales, ensure that the quality of your content is professional and a proper representation of your brand. The last thing that a medical device brand wants prospective customers to do, is to associate their brand name with characteristics that hold a negative connotative weight to them. You want to generate content that your company is proud of, and that will increase name recognition over time. Never sacrifice quality for quantity, as this has the power to cripple your brand name and set you back. Make sure to keep your brand name strong and healthy across all platforms with a professional and clean presentation.

When you have confidence that you have the appropriate creative and technical marketing team in place, then you can find new ways to expand your reach and get in front of your target audience. Finding methods to continuously repurpose content to be used for email outreach, sms texts and retargeting display ads, can help open new doors and appeal to individuals that you weren’t able to reach previously.

Ready to Start marketing your medical device and getting it the attention it deserves?

In the end having a multi-channel marketing strategy and understanding how to implement a well balanced approach to reach the right target audiences, is crucial to your devices’ success. Work with experts that have the experience to develop a comprehensive marketing strategy and help you create the blog posts, landing pages, sales collateral, social media content calendars and much more. If you need help, feel free to start a project here and our team will be glad to start a conversation.

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