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"Lorenzo and Icovy's SEO team helped our organization absolutely dominate our niche in 12 short months! Now we spend less in PPC ads and focus more on our organic content"
What's Inside:
  • In-house development team and webmasters for Technical SEO needs
  • Content writers and copywriters that specialize in writing quality engaging content and web copy that's proven to convert
  • Quality editors that revise all generated copy and content for all utilizing SEO best practices
  • Custom strategy developed for each campaign.
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Why our SEO Services?

With a very hands on operational structure and proven processes, we are passionate about what we do. We have fully vetted SEO specialists that have no less than 10 years experience. Icovy helps businesses improve your online visibility through all search engines such as, Google and Bing. You can expect to receive quality content creation, technical SEO work, link building, internal inking and all search engine optimization that is necessary to strengthen all of your on-page and off-page SEO efforts. Icovy is ready to create content that is not only going to drive traffic to your website, but convert your users into leads.

Search Engine Optimization

  • All our work is done in the United States & the United Kingdom
  • We create quality long form blog articles, press releases and email campaigns
  • Our executive team hand picks every content writer to ensure quality
  • Utilized developed and proven strategies that drive results

Other Brands

  • Use cheap outsourced with associated risks
  • Low quality content generated
  • Writers with lack of SEO experience
  • Unproductive meeting with no long term strategy

SEO Strategies Created to Maximize Your Online Presence

Healthcare Marketing Agency SEO Services

Content Writing

The first step to having a successful SEO strategy is having experienced content writers that understand what the search engines algorithms and your target market are looking for. Our content writers make sure all of your content is written with a purpose that will provide long-term benefits for your company. Creating content that is accurate, SEO focused and engaging at the same time is what we aim for every time.

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Medical SEO Consultant

SEO Specialists

Managing hundreds of thousands of keywords and tracking the effectiveness of your campaigns can be very stressful and time consuming. Icovy takes the load off by tracking and presenting all of your data in an organized and readable dashboard for your convenience. With a strategic balanced approach our specialists are able to make sure that your pages are all getting the love they deserve.

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SEO Services & Consultants Best Practices

Results Driven

All of our SEO strategies are built, measured and designed to provide your company with desired results. We understand how valuable your marketing dollars are and that is why we don't waste time with methods that don't work. Our goal is to provide you with the most accurate SEO services that are proven to increase your visibility and help you scale your business.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We believe transparency is the key for success. If you have questions, we have answers! You deserve to know exactly what our team is doing at all times. Here are a couple of FAQ's to help you better understand our SEO process.
SEO or Search Engine Optimization, is composed of a variety of different key components that are measured by search engines ability to rank keywords that users within your specific demographic  are searching for. These tactics are completed through on-page SEO which makes your site more readable to the search engines and off-page SEO which organically creates links from other sites that point back to yours to help show your organizations authority in your specific niche.

There are many ways to generate content within your specific business niche, but the most common are through blog posts and new landing pages. This helps create a variety of content that places new and supporting keywords on your website that will ultimately help the search engines associate your website with your desired keywords. SEO requires technical research and a certain level of industry knowledge, so it's important to  find the right partner with the right level of experience to drive real results to your site.
SEO performance is tracked ad monitored with a variety of tools that are available. Some are free such as Google analytics and Google Search Console and other are paid sources such as Ahrefs or Semrush. Traffic value is calculated by taking the cost per click (CPC) of a keyword and multiplying it by the keywords monthly search volume.

Our team of experts will help you make sure that your Google Tag Manager is appropriately setup and running in sync with all of the other tracking tools to ensure that all data is completely accessible and we are optimizing for the best results.
SEO is not a sprint, but rather it should be considered a marathon. There are hundreds, if not thousands of businesses attempting to rank for the exact same keywords that you want. This affects a keyword's competition, making it more difficult to rank on the first page of the search engines. Another key factor to SEO, is how much trust your website has established with the search engines. Trust is built from a variety of different factors including:  the relevance of your content on your website, the backlinks that are being directed to your site from other reputable websites, and a handful of other technicalities that need to be in order to ensure that Google and other search engines are properly associating your site to your desired niche.

If you have already started your SEO journey and have a domain authority of 10+ you can see moderate results quickly depending on the keywords you are going after. Working with Icovy depending on budget and allocated effort, we can help websites that have not yet built trust with Google and are just starting out, see results in three (3) to six (6) months. Sites that have already built credibility and trust can see results in as little as a couple weeks to a month. Once you have optimized your content and built  your keyword portfolio, eventually all of your traffic will be compiled and visitors will be landing on your site from across the globe.
In most cases you have to insert your desired keyword into your content for your page to rank on Google and other search engines. However ranking well is not done by just placing the keyword on the page a handful of times and finding a mixture of keywords to support it. Our process is to carefully reverse-engineer popular pages that are ranking well with an associated keyword, and find key attributes that can be utilized to create original content for your site.

We identify and measure what your top competitors are doing well to determine the best way to structure your page to ensure it is not only SEO compliant, but engaging for the reader.
The best way to get a website to rank on search engines is to increase it's overall search engine value. Google is getting smarter and smarter as each year passes, and SEO's are partnering with them to ensure that the best and most relevant web pages are being displayed, for particular keywords to provide the most value to the end user.

If you are one the browses the internet in the 21st century, you more than likely use Google or one of the larger search engines to find what you are searching for. Can you imagine if you were searching for a product or service, and the top results where nothing that you were looking for? It would be terrible! This is why Google and SEO's work hard to constantly enhance the user experience for particular keyword searches by feeding users with the best content available.
The best way to build trust with Google is by creating SEO compliant content that is sending enough key indicators to the algorithms that will allow them to properly associate your site with your specific niche, industry and or service. Google relies heavily on their algorithms for their review process as there is no internal team that is manually auditing all of the SEO work that is being done across the globe. Creating quality content with the right SEO strategy is great for both assigning and measuring value to a website as it is text-based and easy for Google to crawl.

Text-based content provides a significant amount of value to users as it helps improve click-through rates, increase overall time spent on the site and decreases bounce rates. All of these variables are metrics that Google measures when deciding to trust your website or not. In 2021 Google is placing a larger emphasis on website performance, so it is important to ensure that your technical SEO is given the appropriate amount of attention so that Google can understand your website structure and appropriately associate your site accordingly.

Not necessarily, our SEO web development differs from traditional website development and includes:

  • Configure XML Sitemap
  • Configure Robots.txt
  • Compress Images
  • Implement Organization Schema Markup
  • Implement FAQ Schema Markup
  • Update for New Releases of Schema Markup
  • Implement Lazy Loading
  • Implement Cache
  • Setup No Index Archives
  • Setup 301 Redirects (Situational)
  • Fix Redirect Chains (Situational)

It's important to keep in mind that not every client requires this much technical work to be done on their site nor is it even possible based on what the site is built on.

Website developers are typically working on feature development for a site and building out interactive pages that might be chock full of integrations with other platforms. Everything we are working on relates to the scaffolding of a website and is primarily dealing with its HTML configuration. This means that we are primarily concerned with how a website communicates with Google, not necessarily the design or what abilities the site has for UX/UI.  

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