Medical Device Brand Strategy

Branding is misunderstood in many instances. Your brand is the foundation of your company and builds perspective around everything associated with you. Brand strategy can be perceived as only logo design, tag-lines, value propositions, etc. This is often a mistake that many organizations make. It is your company personality that conveys your character, behavior and experience.  Your brand is what is used to attract customers, lay the foundation for marketing activities and provide striking customer interactions.

How do you develop a compelling brand strategy that well positions your company, stimulates your products and motivates both your customers and team members?At Icovy Marketing, we are a full service branding agency with an experienced brand strategy team here to help propel your products and services. We look at the big picture and examine how each individual element, at each interaction point, contributes to your overall brand strategy  and brand experiences.
Medical Device Brand Strategy Agency

Developing Customer Focused Brand Strategies

An effective brand strategy is an extensive plan that consists of individual experiences used to build accurate insight that supports your company’s long-term goals. It requires time to dig deep to truly connect it with your brand vision and company values by uncovering brand positioning opportunities. Brand Strategy is the identifiable component of your company that creates your company story that helps attract the right audiences. Whether that be prospective customers, internal employees or other company stakeholders.

When you develop the right way to tell your story to potential customers, you have the right blueprint for a successful brand transformation.
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Brand Strategy With Icovy

  • Generate More Qualified Leads & Brand Awareness
  • Fully Staffed Sales Development Team
  • Dedicated Customer Success Manager
  • Generated $2M+ in New Business With Same Process

Other Brands

  • Generates Less Qualified Leads
  • Outsource Work
  • Poor Customer Support
  • Haven't Tested Process and Validated Results

Our Brand Strategy Development Process

Step 1

Gather information and uncover insights for brand positioning.  

Step 2

Building brand substance with strategy and messaging.

Step 3

Creating brand identity with creative assets and materials.

Step 4

Drive engagement with brand touchpoints.

Step 4

Metric analysis and reporting for ongoing refinement.

Developing Customer Focused Brand Strategies

1. Consider

Ask important questions in the beginning. What kind of organization do you want? Your branding is an excellent starting point on providing direction for your overall organization.

2. Identify

Clearly define your target audience and market segments. Narrow your focus and limit dilutions.

3. Research

Grow more profitable by understanding your audience's perspective and priorities. Learn about potential market opportunities, threats, strengths and weaknesses.

4. Brand Positioning

Build market segments and differentiate yourself from competitors , leverage market opportunities to stand out and leave lasting impressions.

5. Message Strategy

Develop language and messaging with the right tone that translates and resonates with your target audience within each market segment.

6. Name Development & Brand Identity

Establish a name that suits your brand positioning and messaging that emotionally appeals to your audiences.

7. Content Marketing

Build brand reputation and visibility while efficiently developing digital content to inform, educate and nurture prospective customers to drive business.

8. Web Design & Development

Maximize return on investment with a web design that enhances user experience and functions as your digital foundation.

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