How Poba Medical Went from $150k in Revenue to $4M+ in 3 Years

How to Use Disruptive Marketing Tactics to Build a Global Brand

Poba Medical Brand Story

Poba Medical is a notable medical balloon development manufacturer. Specializing in angioplasty-style balloon and catheter development, with capabilities to customize balloon specifications and geometries for high-volume production.

Company Goal

To find a marketing partner with an understanding of the medical device and cardiology space and expertise in developing a strategy around Poba’s desire to approach the contract manufacturing market differently.

Company Vision

To be a leading medical balloon developer and manufacturer specializing in angioplasty-style balloon and catheter development, including high-volume production.

Why Poba Medical Partnered with Icovy

The partnership between Icovy and Poba Medical began several years ago. Through this partnership, Icovy has contributed to scaling the company by expanding its customer base, employing disruptive marketing tactics, and building a global brand that will stand the test of time.

Poba Medical
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Expectations of Partnership

Poba Medical came to Icovy with a clear vision of breaking the status quo, seeking a partner that could absorb its vision and get to work fast. The scope of Poba Medical’s’ engagement with Icovy included

  • Brand Development
  • Company Voice
  • Lead Generation
  • Trade show Coordination

The Challenge

Before partnering with Icovy, Poba found it difficult to find a marketing partner that understood medical device specialties. With Icovy, the company found a long-term partner with years of medical device expertise and a track record of success. A challenge they faced was in creating the brand theme and logo ideation. Once a partnership was secured, together, they assessed what channels to promote their services/products. 

Poba wanted to find a creative way to penetrate the market as a new start-up, so they tasked Icovy to be the partner to identify the best way of accomplishing that. They wanted to know what competitors were lacking and what wasn't happening in the medical device industry that was potentially occurring in other industries already. The real challenge was that there was a lack of strategy and direction while the founders were busy focusing on business development.

The Solution

Poba Medical wanted to approach the contract manufacturing market differently to help engage its target audience and grow its brand. Icovy rose to meet the challenge and developed a comprehensive and diverse marketing campaign to increase organic results.

Icovy’s strategy also included the strategic positioning of Poba Medical, enabling it to stand out in the market. We accomplished this by creating an extremely unique brand that tied to their overall expertise, making it memorable while creating supporting assets that were both creative and educational for everyone, regardless of their experience. We found a way to create content that was not stale AND also provided value to their engineering audience.

The Results: Over 100k Website Visitors Generated

The primary result of the partnership is that Poba Medical is now highly recognized as one of the leading balloon development manufacturers in the world among the bigger conglomerates.

  • 10+ Trade Shows attended/ coordinated
  • Over 100K Direct Website Visitors
  • 300+ Qualified Leads

The Impact

With an optimized website and consistent social media marketing,

  • Customer engagement has increased by 600% 
  • Incoming leads have increased by over 487%.
  • Grew booking by 100% year over year (2019-2022)
  • Grew revenue by 100% year over year (2019-2022)
The Impact


of customers stay loyal to brands that share their values


more leads are generated for brands that blog


of consumers say it’s important for brands to provide them with personalized experiences

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