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Access Airways is making headway as the newest leader in intubation medical device design, development, and delivery, offering inventive solutions for difficult airways.

The leadership team partnered with Icovy to set strategic goals surrounding brand development and market penetration for a fast-appoaching product launch of The Quicksteer ™. Access Airways’ innovative technology has the potential to become the new standard of care for complex intubation procedures with timely marketing tactics. In the initial 6-month engagement, post-website refresh, and assertive premarketing efforts, website traffic increased by 356%.

The Challenge

In the first quarter, the team set out to better understand their market positioning and identify the top-performing channels to get in front of Anastesiologist and CRNAs. Before partnering with Icovy, Access Airways’ brand story was in the prototype phase. The challenge was to stand out in the Medtech space while not losing credibility for straying too far. The timing of deliverables was paramount to be prepared for premarketing exposure and setup to demo at annual meetings while not scaling too quickly with manufacturing slowdowns and supply chain shortcomings. The issue was they needed to move to a digital database, adopt a CRM, and develop targeted messaging and sales collateral, all while expanding their team. At the top of the priority list was building online credibility, tackling an outdated website not optimized for SEO, and presenting a new brand identity across all platforms.

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The Solution

Collaboration and in-industry expertise were the core reasons Access Airway’s Founder decided to rebrand and launch with Icovy. Teams came together weekly, studying the competition's digital footprint and how it compared to Access Airways’ online performance. After the initial audit, we identified the immediate pain points of refining their core messaging, optimizing the website, and updating the logo to reflect their company culture and align with their slogan, The Breath of Life.

After multiple interviews with subject matter experts and reviewing market research reports, we dove deep into brand personas, discovering the touch points on the customer value journey and word smithing their slogan, mission, and value propositions per segment. Resulting in a book of branding guidelines and updating channels for brand consistency.

A media day was orchestrated to develop visual assets to aid the development of future projects. Icovy videographers guided testimonials with CRNAs and Anesthesiologists, as well as capturing company-wide headshots and product photos to bring more dimension to their brand story. As the trades how season was in line, the website launched with a new wireframe and updated videos for improved engagement and data tracking, consistent branding across channels, and content optimized for SEO.

Icovy was hired to ensure the organization did not miss a beat with the QuickSteer™ commercialization launch. Understanding that the device would be launching with pre-clinical data and little to no human-trial data created a challenge that we set out to overcome. Understanding that the launch was mission-critical and could not afford any mistakes, we aimed to ensure all project deliverables were projected for timely delivery through every stage of the process, from pricing strategy to brand development and CRM implementation.

After the foundational work, a successful media day, three end-user testimonial videos, targeting would be at the forefront of strategy, defining new avenues to combat their lack of presence at industry trade shows. From partnerships with industry journals to designing compelling Ad copy and sales collateral to attract qualified leads. Showcasing animation videos, live demos, and testimonial videos endorsed by respected anesthesiologists has been instrumental in the growing company’s success. The first trade show was a roaring success, maximizing exposure in front of industry KOLs and strategically positioning company executives in the same room. The team met its goals of increasing brand exposure and personal face-to-face time, generating qualified leads, and growing its database for pre-sales. Premarketing efforts paid off and grew website traffic by 356% over 3 months, post-website refresh.

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