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A recognized commercial real estate agent wanted a website that showcased all of her listings and real estate capabilities. She was already well known in the Tucson area, so she just needed help establishing her own branding and developing a strong digital presence. Icovy took on the challenge of developing a modern website that was formal, eye-catching and ultimately appealing to her users to increase client engagement. We also assisted with a basic SEO consulting to give her proper guidance on how to remain at the top of search results above her competitors.


Icovy developed a custom website that portrayed a simple but contemporary design. This website was customized so the client could easily list her local listings, and that her clients would be able to navigate through her website to find what they were looking for. Using updated and quality photos, Icovy was able to help Leah visually represent her work in the best way possible to appeal to her target audience. Along with intentional design, Icovy made sure that thee site was optimized for desktop, mobile and tablet versions to increase user-friendliness for her clients. After creating the site, our SEO experts were able to give the client guidance on how to create and maintain the most effective SEO such as: content writing, PPC ads, social media analysis website optimization.


Icovy was able to build this website in just under a month, and since launching the client has seen positive feedback from her customers as well as an increase in contacts and leads. With the need for digitalization in today’s world due to lack of physical contact, this makes finding business listings and scheduling meetings with her much more efficient on the consumer and broker side. After finalizing the design, our client is now ready to to focus on implementing a digital marketing strategy that includes SEO, PPC and social media marketing to help boost visitors to her site and reach her clients on multiple levels.

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