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Poba Medical is a startup medical balloon manufacturer that produces custom balloons for catheters and various applications. They are currently in their fourth year of business, and Icovy met them during their beginning stages before they even had a website. The CEO of Poba being a successful entrepreneur and having owned many businesses before, knew what it took to get a business up and running but lacked the proper marketing skills to get the company to the next level. Luckily Icovy met them at just the right time and took on the challenge of developing a full service marketing strategy for a start-up company who had little brand recognition and digital presence.


Starting at ground zero, Icovy had the opportunity to use full creative freedom to enhance Poba’s marketing efforts. To start with Icovy helped Poba develop a custom high tech website to establish their online presence and allow customers to easily locate information. Through content creation, and strategic design Icovy has also incorporated an SEO strategy to gain more presence on the web. We also helped them build a strong brand identity through a consistent and engaging social media campaign, developing a unique video series surrounding balloon development and email marketing. To support their digital efforts, Icovy also helped Poba with local advertising at sporting events such as the Cactus League for MLB spring training games in Phoenix Arizona. Additionally to increase their lead generation, Icovy took over planning and coordinating all of their trade shows which included building a custom booth to showcase Poba’s new branding.


Since launching this comprehensive and diverse marketing campaign almost two and half years ago, Poba has seen significant results.Through their web design that is optimized with appropriate content and a consistent but also creative social media campaign, Poba’s customer engagement has increased by 50%. Building their social media presence with high quality photos and videos, has also increased their brand awareness which has transpired into other areas of their marketing such as print and media advertising. Poba's brand is now well known in the medical balloon space, and has been able to position itself well among other competitors with constant ongoing SEO. Additionally, with having a more consistent and stronger brand identity, this has supported their trade show and event marketing efforts which has increased their balloon sales by 60%.

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