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Midwest Interventional Systems is a startup contract manufacturer in the medical industry who is their third year of business. As a startup company, they needed help establishing their brand identity and overall outreach through their digital marketing channels. The challenge was to help increase their brand awareness and lead acquisitions, by developing a clear marketing strategy that aligned with their company goals and values.


Icovy Marketing helped MIS meet this challenge by starting with developing a brand-new in-depth website that visually represented their brand, capabilities and services to their customers. Their website went from one page to 60+ detailed pages that display their services and capabilities. Redefining their brand strategy was crucial in order to establish their digital presence. To assist with is and create more brand awareness,  Icovy helped by creating a social media campaign  that aligned with the company's values and highlighted their capabilities to their customers. We also helped them develop a full marketing plan and strategy to make sure they were taking advantage of all marketing channels such as SEO, videography social media, events and more.


Adding more content to their website and creating a more high-tech but simple and formal design, helped increase MIS’ site authority.  Their enhanced design has now increased their visual representation of their capabilities, improving the user-experience and brand awareness across the web. They also saw a decreased bounce rate, and by optimizing their landing pages with targeted keywords this improved user engagement by 40%. By revamping their brand through a consistent social media presence, and graphically with flyers, brochures and other sales materials, this increased customer engagement both online and offline. Lastly implementing a clear marketing strategy, helped support their internal team and iso they could focus on filling their sales funnel and growing their company.

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