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Machine Solutions is a medical device manufacturer. As a global company, who has  been around for 20+ years they have many as many as five subdivisions. Having multiple subdivisions, made their branding confusing and created inconsistency across their marketing channels. The challenge was to create a strategic marketing strategy that supported their brand authority across all company subdivisions, and increase their overall brand awareness to continue to dominate their current market pool and begin to enter new market segments.


To start help creating more consistent and clear branding across all subdivisions, Icovy Marketing helped design a front facing homepage that appropriately displayed each sub-division’s brand based on their individual value stream. Then by dissecting their current site and making the appropriate adjustments to better enhance user experience. These changes increased Machine Solutions’ overall user experience by allowing customers to clearly navigate to each subdivision’s website based on their needs.  To help add more brand authority and create more awareness, Icovy also implemented an effective social and email campaign.


By developing a direct and visually appealing homepage with each brand clearly represented, this helped differentiate each subdivision and the capabilities they possess while also creating more brand authority across the company. Having a higher social media presence along with a strategic email campaign has boosted their website traffic and improved their customer interaction by 150%.

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