Video Production

A Small Way to Capture Large Audiences

Is Your Company Generating Creative Content That Draws In Your Potential Customers?

Professional videography is a powerful tool in today’s media-driven age; as most people prefer to watch a video rather than read text. With the technological advancement of the world wide web, video marketing  allows you to share engaging content and reach larger audiences faster than before. Are you ready to change the way your business is perceived by your audience and start generating more interest in your service or product?

Some of Icovy's video Production capabilities include:

  • Strategic Planning and set up
  • Concepts and scripts designed to engage and persuade your audience
  • Target audience research
  • Top of the line equipment to produce the highest quality picture
  • Qualified staff who understand the proper angles and skills to produce professional content
  • Editing experts who are familiar with motion graphics, and graphic overlays to produce creative and visually appealing videos
Video Production

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"In 2019, internet video traffic will be accounted for 80% of all consumer Internet traffic"


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Video Production

Our Process


Concept Creation

Before you begin the video production process you must first think about what type of video you want to produce and what’s the message, you’re trying to get across


Script Writing

After developing your ideas for the video and overall concept you can begin writing out your script or key talking points.


Pre-production planning

This consists of scouting a location, gathering equipment, prompts and actors for the video. Making sure all of the details are taken care of.


Video Shoot

Where execution happens



This process can be long depending on the footage you gathered when shooting the video. This is where you take all the pieces to create a masterpiece.



Devising a plan for how you are going to distribute and share your videos is important. You want to make sure you show off your work in the most effective way.

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