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SEO / Search Engine Optimization
Is Your Current Website Optimized To Display a Solution To The Problems or Concerns That Your Clients May Have? And Is The Content On Your Site Being Found By The Search Engines?

With an increase in on-the-go searches, you need to be able to give your customers the information that they're looking for with relevant content that matters. Search engine optimization helps make sure your website is optimized properly to improve your web page’s ranking on search engine results pages. Site optimization's purpose is to:

1. Website Optimization is recognizing what clients are searching for on the web

2. Designing your site to convey your value proposition.

3. Generating Leads and creating a sales funnel

4. Converting leads into sales.

Icovy offers experience in helping maximize your SEO by using strategies such as:

  • Paid campaigns around store locations to increase visibility and target on-the-go searches.
  • Managing local business listings across the web to ensure content is consistent across store location pages.
  • Conducting data analytics to compare money spent on media with in-store foot traffic.
  • Monitoring the reputation of your brand through review acquisition
  • Conducting keyword searches to find out what words are used most often by your consumers in search engines.
SEO / Search Engine Optimization

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“SEO is not about generating more traffic, it’s about generating more targeted traffic”


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SEO / Search Engine Optimization

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