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Business Package Materials Can Be A Creative and Effective Way To Enhance Your Brand Identity.

For example, having a professional and visually appealing business card can be an easy way to market your brand. Let our graphic design team create a consistent logo to place on your business cards, letterheads, envelopes and more. This logo will help you create a strong brand identity that can be carried out through custom forms, brochures, post cards, pocket folders, or any other print materials your business might need. Here at Icovy we’ll make your brand sends the right message to your current and potential customers. Tell us how you want to express your brand image, and Icovy will make it happen!

Available Materials

Banners / signs

We can help design a custom banner or sign for your next big event. With a variety of vinyl color options, we can help create a visual appealing banner that will be sure to grab your customers attention.

Business Cards

Having visually appealing and professional looking business cards is key to enhancing your business image. Icovy can help design unique business cards, that can be foil stamped, embossed or die cut to make a lasting impression.


Catalogs are a great way to physically capture your customer's attention. Icovy can design a beautiful custom catalog pages to showcase your products in an organized way!


Add custom envelopes with your company logo to compliment all of your business notepads, pens and letterheads. Envelopes are a perfect way to add a finishing touch to your business materials.


Flyers can be an effective marketing tool to inform or advertise. From announcements, advertisements to campaign materials, Icovy can help you design your next business flyer no matter what the purpose.


Create custom carbonless forms in black ink, or full-color. We can customize each form with your company logo, and contact information perfect for your order sheets, contracts, invoices and other important documents.

Guides/ Handbooks

From travel guides, to safety guides, or company guides, we’re here to take care of your custom business handbooks. Be sure your employees or teams have an easy to read guide to reference when any questions arise.

ID Cards/Name Badges/ Tags

Custom name badges or ID's can be the perfect compliment to your next event or conference. Icovy can also provide you with custom laminated ID badges with photos, and barcodes for scanning purposes. Add your company logo to create consistency across all your event materials.


Having professional custom letterheads can be a great touch to enhance your overall brand awareness. Let Icovy help you create professional letterheads with your logo and quality paper to send the right message to your clients and customers.


Keep your customers in the know, by producing creative and informative newsletters to communicate important updates. Newsletters can be an effective marketing strategy to share news, upcoming events and announcements.

Packaging/ Specialty Boxes

Take advantage of our custom packaging and specialty boxes to pack any business items. We can design, and print your custom packaging for promotions, gift giveaways and advertising. Our custom packaging is another great way to create a strong brand identity.


Let's face it? Who doesn't love a good quality pen? Pens are a great way to advertise your brand and can be used as promotional items, products, or to just add more consistency to your overall business materials.

Pocket Folders

Create customized pocket-folders/ and presentation materials for your next big presentation that will send the right message to your audience. Our pocket folders come in many options, are easily accessible and a great way to keep all of your documents organized and increase brand awareness.


Whether your trying expand your brand, sending a message or simply keeping in touch, post-cards are a creative, visually appealing and cost-effective way to share your message. Choose from our many paper sizes and font options to create a personalized post-card that your clients/friends and family will remember

Prescription Pads

Icovy can help design and print your custom prescription pads with your company logo.

Stationary Printed Shells

Our stationary templates or "shells" are a great way to keep yours or your client's logo and client information consistent across al forms. With multiple, employees and clients, these pre made templatas can be easy to manipulateto create that personalized feel.


Surveys are a great way to gain customer feedback and gather customer information. We can print custom surveys in any size, color or form to persuade you customers to give more information.


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