Step 1. Consultation

We take the time to briefly learn more about your company/ projects in order to determine which packages will best fit your needs. We will then evaluate and present the demo that will provide the most benefits.


Step 2. Demo

We will then schedule a time to plan a demo for for your team in order to share details about how we can guarantee to save your company a minimum of $20K annually while increasing your marketing efforts with the use of our provided tool sets.


Step 3. Strategize

Now it's time to get to business! Icovy creates a fully customized plan and strategy that will get your projects started in the right direction. We work closely with your internal team to ensure that all of the necessary parties are involved from start to finish.


Step 4. Create

We take all of your passion and creativity to help create the perfect content that helps portray your vision Having access to your custom tool sets will allow you the ability to create content in ways that may have been unrealistic before.


Step 5. Implement

Now that you have all of the necessary tools to be successful and a strategy in place, all we have to do is implement/ execute the plan. We are with you through your entire process, and we are here to ensure that every project is done correctly .


Step 6. Analyze & Report

Icovy eliminates the feeling that you get when you do not have the resources that you need to develop your projects the way you want them. The feeling when you can't grow in the most effective and efficient way. We are here to be creative, strategize, implement and help you grow. All of our projects will be backed by analytical reporting. Believe in the system, make smarter financial decisions and watch the reports speak for themselves. Let's get started?

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We can guarantee that you will increase your marketing efforts and save a minimum of $20K a year. Schedule a demo now to find out how!

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Icovy Marketing System Pricing

Want to maximize your project savings and expand your project reach in the most efficient way? Schedule a demo with a team member to discuss the perfect strategy that will help you achieve all your business goals.

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