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Today there are thousands of medical equipment companies in the United States with a market size of over a billion dollars, and the industry is only going to continue to grow; so as a medical equipment company, how do you stand out? Having the proper marketing techniques can help your business get off the ground or scale to new levels. Medical equipment marketing is not just about finding different avenues to get your business seen, it’s about the strategic processing of marketing channels that reach the right audience at the right time. Whether it’s online or with print advertising; by taking a holistic approach, Icovy can help you identity and unlock your potential medical equipment marketing opportunities to make sure your brand is seen, heard and known.   

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The first step in your medical equipment marketing campaign is identifying strategies to get your brand seen. This involves establishing a strong brand identity and completing market research to better understand your target audience. This allows you to also identify  different marketing channels you can use to reach them such as; videos, social media, your website, events and more. Nike didn’t become the world’s most popular athletic brand overnight, this was done by strategic planning, trial and error and consistency. In the medical equipment industry, where there are hundreds of options, your brand needs to stand out to the right audience. You must find a way to get your brand visible to your target audience, to start establishing brand credibility.

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Be Heard

Once you have figured out how to maximize your brand exposure, you can then focus on what is the message you want to share with your customers. Having a powerful brand means having a brand that speaks to people- what is the reason your customers should choose you over your competition? Having the answer to this question in the medical equipment industry, where innovation and growth are constantly happening, is crucial. Creating a medical equipment marketing campaign that is heard by your target audience , requires getting personal, being creative and remaining consistent so your customers have no choice but to listen.

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Become Known

Establishing brand integrity and credibility is the final phase in each of your marketing strategies. This means that you have marketed your company with distinct channels such as your social, email campaigns and print advertising, and have clearly and consistently presented your company message using various marketing techniques. With consistent presence and messaging, over time your brand will start to build it's authority in the medical equipment industry, and that is when you will see an increased ROI.

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Medical Equipment Marketing

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Icovy leverages industry experience to build awareness around your target audience. We want to help create your unique brand identity while also appealing to your customers in a way that makes a lasting impact.Icovy understands what it takes to set your company apart, and how to allocate your marketing dollars to drive customer acquisition and maximize your ROI. We are here to make you successful, and make sure your company is headed in the right direction with all of your medical equipment marketing strategies.  We want to strategize, educate, collaborate and grow with you.

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Whether you're a start up or a well established company that has been around for years, the medical field will continue to grow and change so you have the choice to grow with it or be left behind. Stay ahead by developing creative marketing strategies that will raise the bar. Icovy's medical equipment marketing business model is growth oriented, and client centered. Each of our marketing campaigns are customized to align with your business goals, highlight your company strengths, and are constantly being evaluated for improvements. With ongoing optimizations from your website to your social media and pay per click advertising, we make sure all of your marketing efforts are up to date so all you have to worry about is converting the leads that we give you.

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Trade shows can be easy lead generation tool that many medical equipment companies don’t take advantage of, due to lack of time. Coordinating company trade shows can be a job itself, let alone developing your pre and post show marketing strategy. Icovy’s event coordination team, can help you strategize, plan and execute so you can have a successful show.  Let Icovy take the hassle off you by handling all of your trade show coordination from booth design, shipping and pre and post show marketing to make sure you’re getting the most out of your trade show experience. Don’t waste your time or money attending a show without the proper booth, print materials or marketing plan. Invest in a medical equipment marketing agency that takes care of it all, and that will maximize your marketing dollars.

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Medical Equipment Marketing Frequently Asked Questions

How are you different from traditional marketing agencies?


Simple, we specialize in your industry! Traditional marketing companies do not understand the complexity of the medical industry, and what it takes to create an effective brand and how to stand out. All of our marketing strategies are science based, strategic and innovative. Additionally, our business model is focused on delivering multiple marketing services to create consistency and have a greater audience reach. We want to serve you as your in-house marketing team and be able to take care of all your marketing needs.Big or small, Icovy has you covered.

My company has invested in  digital marketing but I’m not seeing the return I want, so how do I know  that your marketing services will be effective?


It’s all about the plan and strategy. You can dump all your money into google ads, your website, and videos but if you don’t have a strategic plan then your marketing efforts are worthless. That’s where many companies fail, and where Icovy has success. Our industry experience and marketing expertise allows us to develop custom marketing plans that have a purpose and deliver results. Stop funneling all your money into services blindly, invest and market with a plan!

How much money do I have to invest to see a return?


It’s no surprise that effective marketing requires you to spend money.  A question we often get is how much do you have to spend in order for it work. The short answer…it depends. Marketing can be very broad, and most agencies will over charge you for services that your company might not necessary need. Where Icovy differs is we understand that not every business has a large marketing budget or needs to be running the same campaign. Icovy takes the time to get to know your business, so we can offer the correct marketing services that fit your company’s needs while staying in your budget. Don’t let fear keep you from potential opportunities, see how we can maximize your marketing dollars today!

Why is branding so important in the medical equipment industry?


Your brand is your company’s representation and in the medical equipment industry, this gives you the opportunity to express your company values and vision in creative ways. Whether it be through videos, your trade show booths, or print materials, having an effective brand strategy improves your company awareness, builds credibility and increases your leads.  Icovy specializes in building brands that leave an impact with your target audience and increase your company engagement. 

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