Medical Device Social Media Management

Having a data driven social media management structure enables us to take the time to understand what truly works for your brand and what doesn't. We research and optimize your social media profiles based on the demographics of your target audience in order to produce a full fledged social media strategy that will deliver results.

Social Media Management Testimonial

"Icovy not only has increased the consistency of our social media posting, but the content that they deliver is top quality and perfectly aligns with what we've been wanting to achieve."
What's Included:
  • We manage as many social media accounts you need
  • Stay up to date with new trends
  • Increase your overall company and personal engagement
  • Increase your following for your entire organization
  • Increase your annual revenue year over year
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Medical Device Social Media Management Agency
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Why Our Social Media Management?

With a process oriented approach we are able to measure campaigns to ensure that your brand is driving engagement. Icovy is constantly searching for ways to generate new traffic and increase engagement for your brand. Growth patterns solely depend on what your company goals are, and we ensure that we properly align your campaigns with the bandwidth that your company has. We use set key performance indicator (KPI) measurements, so we can always refine your account to match what your market is doing.
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Social Media Management with Icovy

  • 100% Manual posting
  • Always create high quality content that aligns with your goals
  • Dedicated Customer Success manager for each social media management campaigns
  • Weekly Customer Support Available
  • Have generated 1M+ in revenue for clients

Other Brands

  • Automated and not always fully thought out
  • Lacks experience to generate quality content
  • Poor Customer Support
  • Revenue has not been generated

How Our Social Media Management Service Works

Step 1
Onboarding & Strategy

The initial onboarding process sets the tone for your overall social media management success. We take a look at your company's goals at a high level to ensure we are aligning your content with your organization from top to bottom.

Step 2
Profile Setup & Messaging

We take the time to ensure that we are creating messaging that both appeals to your audience, but has the appropriate tone. We want to make sure both your company profiles and your personal are a proper representation of your organization.

Step 3
Content Creation & Analysis

Analyzing current content assets, measuring what competitors are doing and diving deep into your goals quarter by quarter allows us to generate the content that is most relevant for your target audience and will drive engagement.

Step 4

Stop wanting and start doing. Let's take your social media accounts and turn them into engagement driving machines to reach your annual goals!

Cost Effective Social Media Management

  • No Setup Fee
  • 100% manual processing
  • Custom messaging on all campaigns
  • Increase in Engagement on a weekly basis
  • Driving leads into your sales funnel

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Frequently Asked Questions

We believe transparency is the key for success. If you have questions, we have answers! You deserve to know exactly what our team is doing at all times. Here are a couple of FAQ's to help you better understand our process.
You should expect leads with any campaign that you run in your organization. If you don't, then what is the point? Ultimately, your social media accounts are there to create brand awareness and help you connect with your target audience. Where individuals or businesses are in their buying cycle will always vary so we can not guarantee leads, but we develop our plans and strategies with a hands on approach with the goal to always generate leads.

Other variables that have an effect on lead generation is the niche and demographics you are targeting. Some are easier than others. As a whole, our team will always be very transparent with expectations on what we truly believe your social media should generate. Connect with us to get started.

You can target almost anyone on with the variety of available social media channels. Some of the demographics you can expect to target on social media channels are:

  • Keywords
  • Geography
  • Relationship
  • Job Title
  • Industry
  • Company Name
  • Interest Groups
The benefit to social media campaigns is that you can measure success pretty quickly in most cases. KPI's allow you to measure your company engagement rates and other metrics in each campaign.
You will have a dedicated account manager that will work with you to craft the perfect strategy that aligns with both your short and long term goals. We make sure that we are utilizing as many different social media accounts and marketing channels that will best align with your other marketing efforts. You have the ability to always give input and make any decisions to change any of your campaigns at any time.
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