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Icovy Marketing is a medical device marketing agency that works with companies of all sizes; from start-ups to well established medical device equipment and contract manufacturing companies that have been around for 20 plus years. Our medical device marketing agency experience has allowed us to develop a business model that is centered around creating fresh ideas to market and grow your business. Our goal is to provide marketing strategies that will set your company apart from your competition, and engage your current and potential customers.

Planning and Strategy

Any successful marketing campaign begins with a marketing plan and strategy. Your marketing plan allows you to outline ways you can reach your target audience through various marketing channels. Icovy uses market research along with our medical industry expertise, to develop growth oriented marketing plans that align with your business goals.


Your brand identity and strategy is just as important as your overall marketing strategy. Without a strong brand identity, your marketing strategy will remain ineffective. Icovy not only specializes in overall brand development, but how to create brand strategies that speak to your customers in the medical industry where competition is high.

Digital Marketing

With a detailed marketing strategy and powerful brand identity, Icovy can create successful medical digital marketing campaigns. Through unique web design, product videos, pictures, press releases,  and social media, Icovy offers digital marketing for medical device companies that deliver results. Increase your brand awareness, generate new leads and scale your business through digital marketing tools that capture the medical device audience.

Lead Generation

Feeling like your website or paid advertising aren't generating enough leads? Or maybe you are not generating enough qualified leads so you feel like you're wasting your money. Icovy can help you generate more leads, that are more likely to convert. With our lead generation services such as email marketing, content marketing, trade show marketing and much more, we can make sure that all of your marketing efforts and dollars are being allocated correctly. By using our medical marketing knowledge, Icovy finds innovative ways to target potential or dormant customers, to fill your sales funnel and convert more leads. We make sure to optimize your marketing dollars by getting your company in front of the right audience.

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Medical Marketing Experts

Medical Equipment Marketing

Icovy is a medical device marketing agency who is the market leader in helping medical manufacturing/ equipment companies build their brand, and implement marketing strategies that create meaningful engagement for your target audience. Traditional marketing techniques won't work in this fast pace competitive field, so it's important to find ways to reach those busy physicians and medical companies with effective medical equipment marketing.

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Medical Device Marketing Consulting

We offer medical device marketing consulting services from strategy, lead generation, website development, branding and event coordination. Our consulting services help create your company story and share it with the right customers who care. Our focus is on teaching you how to create purposeful marketing strategies that have a further reach with your customers, and giving you all the tools to grow your business.

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Medical Device Advertising

Medical device advertising involves targeting a very specific niche audience with specific needs. So how do you find ways to appeal to those needs? Icovy can help you find ways to promote your business in an effective way that meets the needs of you current medical customers. Our job is to showcase the value your company has through purposeful advertising strategies that will make an impact.

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Breakthrough Marketing Strategies That Deliver Results

Medical device marketing is a very unique business that differs from traditional marketing tactics. Having an effective marketing campaign in the medical industry requires knowledge and understanding of this very important and competitive field. Maximize your marketing dollars by choosing a medical device marketing agency who can take care of all your marketing needs, and maximize your sales.

Icovy Offers:

  • Marketing Budget Planning and Strategy
  • Website Design and Maintenance
  • Content Marketing Including: company/product videos, pictures, and professional headshots
  • Trade show coordination + Pre and Post Show Marketing
  • Paid Advertising and Social Media Management
  • Marketing Print Materials

Icovy is your go-to medical device marketing agency. We take a holistic approach and focus on all your marketing efforts from your website, print materials to your trade shows. We also understand what it takes to set your company apart in this unique industry, and have embedded marketing tactics that will help your business scale.

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Medical Device Marketing
Who We Are

Some of Our Specialists

Designers & Creators

Our creative team specializes in logo design, brand identity and visual uniqueness. Our designers are passionate about the medical device industry and finding ways to creatively express your brand.

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Marketers & Retailers

We take pride in being a medical device marketing agency who specializes in the unique process that it takes to market your products. Our marketing team is ready to take on any task big or small.

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We don't want to just be the experts, we want to utilize your medical knowledge to show you how affectively market your business. Our team takes the time to understand your business and teach you how to grow.  

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Our website developers take the time to understand your business vision and goals to create custom websites that are fully responsive. They also work closely with our design team to create a consistent and visually appealing look that engages your audience.

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Our strategists, take the time to fully analyze your company strengths and areas of opportunity. We use market research to create detailed marketing strategies that will set your business up for success. Being an  medical device marketing agency leader, we understand the ins and out's of the industry to utilize the best resources.

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With fast pace of the medical word, traditional marketing techniques won't suffice. Icovy takes pride in delivering innovative marketing that is designed to deliver results and make your company stand out.

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Our Process

How We Work



The medical device field is very large and constantly changing, in order to grow your business and effectively reach your customers, you need to understand the current status of your market. This is why Icovy takes the time to get to know your company, as well as your competitors to evaluate strengths, weaknesses and areas of opportunity. By understanding your company goals and values, we can can create a multi-channel marketing strategy.

Writing The Story

Every company has a story, and our job to is to help you tell it. After we have done extensive market research on your company as well as your competition, we can begin to develop a detailed marketing plan and strategy. Using your website, social media, paid advertising or print, we take a multi-channel approach to make sure we are reaching your target audience from all angles. Our medical device marketing strategies have been proven to increase brand awareness and drive more sales.

Creating the Content

Once we have a full marketing plan strategy put together, we can now begin to work on generating the content. This is where we get to put our developers, designers, video producers and photographers to work. One of the services that we offer and enjoy the most is our media days.This is where we take the time to shoot videos and photos of company products, your facility, and interviews to generate content curation to help us be able to tell your story.

Launch and Execute

After we have the content generated, we can then begin to execute your scheduled marketing plan. This is where our marketing, and creative team come together to launch our digital and print marketing campaigns to increase leads and drive more business. This is done in a timely and strategic way to make sure we are getting your brand in front of the right audience at the right time.

Evaluate and Progress

Anyone who has launched a marketing campaign knows that this is never a one and done project. Effective marketing includes constant evaluation of the marketing campaign to identity what is working and what is not. Icovy takes our marketing analysis very seriously as we work diligently to support and maintain our clients. Having frequent assessments, allows us to be able to deliver results driven services.

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