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Digital Marketing for Medical Device Manufacturing Companies

The way medical device manufacturers conduct business is quickly changing due to  evolving advanacement in technology. Digital marketing has been dramatically undervalued and now many companies are attempting to adapt. Partner with Icovy and ensure your business is positioned as the market leader in your niche!

A Manufacturing Marketing Agency

A Medical Device Manufacuring Marketing Agency That Delivers Results.

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A Manufacturing marketing agency

Our Manufacturing Marketing Expertise & Services

Icovy has had the opportunity to partner and help dozens of of manufacturing companies across the globe. Most medical device manufacturing companies partner with Icovy Marketing because they've seen the value our team can bring with our industry experience, understanding and commitment to help increase revenues and dominate their industry niches. We help find the opportunities, big and small for organization to take advantage of to increase overall market share. Icovy would love the opportunity to earn your business and do the same for you!

Building strategies that differentiate your device

An Medical Device Marketing Agency

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Winning More Sales with Manufacturing Marketing

So many manufacturers are still using older techniques of selling while attempting to present product advantages and benefits. Reposition your manufacturing company to appeal to purchasing behaviors that the majority of customers use today. Those manufacturers that undervalue the use of technology are more likely to lose market share to those who are taking advantage of advanced marketing techniques to increase revenue year over year.

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What Works in Medical Device Manufacturing Marketing?

Soley depending on networking events like trade shows, cold calling and relationship selling to generate leads Is no longer the most effective way to generate leads. Without using the power of digital processes and systems you are missing our on thousand to millions of dollars in new business opportunities annually. The new generation of tech-savvy buyers are utilizing digital platforms for their purchasing journey. This journey starts with internet research that is meant to build an open and transparent relationship to form enough of a reason to connect with your brand and all that it stands for.

Without effective brand messaging with and a compelling story to differentiate your manufacturing company from others, you are just another vendor on the list talking about the same value propositions such as, product benefits, quality and great customer service. Finding this brand narrative and bringing it all together by anchoring it with market research and a real understanding of your target audience is what Icovy is here help find.

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Our Popular Medical Device Marketing Agency Services

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Brand Development & Strategy

Our team works with your company to define your brand strategy and purpose. We understand that your brand strategy is the very foundation that all your marketing efforts stands on while striving to achieve your company's objectives.

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Content Writing

Write content that generates interests and is developed to nurture your audience at all touchpoints. Build your organic audience and convert more leads with readable content and increase your brand reach with prospects that are genuinely interested in your brand.

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Email Marketing & Automation

Being trained on a variety of platforms, our team can guide you in selecting the right tools for you that have been proven to streamline processes significantly within the medical device industry.

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Paid Advertising (PPC)

Increase your overall reach and increase revenues through Pay per click (PPC) ads while remaining profitable with larger margins.

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Print & Sales Collateral

We help you navigate and cut through the noise by developing marketing and creative solutions that will attract and captivate your target audience.

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Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Is your website working as hard as it could be for you? We make sure all of your content has a purpose and is ranking organically on the web so that your brand stays in front of your ideal targets.

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Social Media Management

We research and optimize your social media profiles based on the demographics of your target audience in order to produce a full fledged social media strategy that will deliver results.

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Video Production & Animation

We create animations, corporate videos, and social clips that help tell your story. Develop an animation video that shows how your medical device works and properly link it to your company while showing the positive impact that it will bring to patients.

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Connect with New Audiences with Manufacturing Marketing Experts

Icovy understands who contributes to the decision-making process and how to connect with them with multi-channel marketing strategies. We've had the pleasure of helping many B2B manufacturing companies connect with new audiences with messaging which is much more receptive. We help you cut through the noise and establish pathways that help your sales team reach the targeted buyers and decision makers.

We like to start with in-depth research on your niche and the markets you are targeting. We want to learn more about your company, competitors and your year to year goals before any initiatives are suggested or started. With this in-depth understanding we have seen some pretty incredible results and WINS for our manufacturing clients.

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Manufacturing Marketing That Scales

  • Manufacturing Brand Awareness Plan
  • Manufacturing SEO Strategy
  • Manufacturing Lead Generation Program
  • Manufacturing Paid Advertising Campaigns
  • Manufacturing Web Design & Development
  • Manufacturing Social Media Management
  • Manufacturing Email Outreach Campaigns
  • Manufacturing Social Outreach Campaigns

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Frequently Asked Questions

We believe transparency is the key for success. If you have questions, we have answers! You deserve to know exactly what our team is doing at all times. Here are a couple of FAQ's to help you better understand our process.

What is Manufacturing Marketing?

Manufacturing Marketing is the process of advertising and promoting your company's products and services to your desired target audiences. In previous years, marketing has been treated as an afterthought as many manufacturing companies have relied solely on trade shows, industry publications, direct sales and referrals to generate leads and increase sales. Manufacturers who have realized the shift in the marketplace and have begun to prioritize their company's digital marketing efforts have created excellent opportunities and have gained strong competitive advantages in their market niche.
Today your customers have much more control over their buying process. They are busier than ever and are attempting to find the right solution by a click of a button. Typically, a potential customer would have visited a handful of websites which may include yours and your competitors where they would consume any available manufacturing marketing collateral that they could find prior to enagaging with any manufacturer to discuss an opportunity to conduct business. Knowing this, it is absolutely critical that you have high quality digital assets that are available to potential buyers. These assets include your website, social media platforms, email and blog posting. You want to ensure when a potential buyer first interacts with your brand every piece of content is the best representation of your business to provide the best opportunity for your manufacturing company.

How do we generate leads on our manufacturing website?

Your site should be filled with tons of content that is providing as much value to your website visitors as much as possible. With fear messaging and quality content you can consider adding Call To Actions (CTA's) on your page which would require users to provide their contact information to access your highrer quality content. This will enable you to interact with new business leads that are higher in their sales decision process and send follow up emails that are tailored to their specific needs. As you get further in down the line with the interactions that you've accumulated with you website visitors you begin to build trust and brand equity which will increase your opportunity to close sales when they are ready to make a purchasing decision.
Adapting and being committed to your manufacturing marketing efforts are extremely important because todays buyers and decision makers are requiring that they can easily access useful content faster than ever before in readable formats that they desire. This is accomplished through your digital marketing efforts as you focus on the your website, search engine optimization (SEO) email marketing, social media marketing, blog posting, and creative content writing that will not only educates, but persuade and build trust.
Manufacturing marketing is utilized to keep your brand front of mind when your buyers are ready to purchase. Establishing a multi-channel marketing strategy with consistent messaging will help enhance your customer's opininion on your brand and ultimately build trust in your products and services. You can also focus on increasing and providing social proof that your product offerings and services are the right solution for buyers. This is accomplished through customer reviews, case studies, testimonials and examples of your business solving customer problems. This will help build credibility in trust in your brand to help decision makers purchase your product offerings.
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