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A digital marketing strategy is a progressive plan that utilizes SMART goals to grow your business and achieve marketing objectives. Growing your business begins with building awareness around a market need and performs best when strategy, messaging and overall branding work in unison to help customers see the need, understand your solutions and decide to take action.

There has been a foundational change in the way sales and marketing are used compared to conventional ways. Understanding this our team uses the principle functions of your brand, customer examination and statistics to develop comprehensive strategies to enhance your brand awareness and increase business opportunities. Traditional sales funnels have transformed into a wheel where valuable data is accessible and advantageous marketing strategies work around customers' needs. Marketing, sales and customer service initiatives are utilized to attract the right customers, drive engagement, and drive them down the path of conversion.
Medical Device Digital Marketing Services & Marketing Strategy

Customer Focused Digital Marketing Solutions with a Data-Driven Approach

Marketing’s objective is to ease market resistance as your customer journeys around the wheel. This is achieved by understanding the essentials which include, why, when and how customers are expected to use your product and/ or service. We analyze your market opportunities from all perspectives; your customer’s, your customers' customers, competition, sales and your own. Our team takes the time to truly understand your product technology, services, sales process and market drivers; in order to provide guidance regarding the fundamental elements to utilize and drive success for your specific campaigns. We’re a very customer centric and results focused team; with extensive experience and knowledge of the medical device industry.

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Brand Strategy With Icovy

  • Generate More Qualified Leads & Brand Awareness
  • Fully Staffed Sales Development Team
  • Dedicated Customer Success Manager
  • Generated $2M+ in New Business With Same Process

Other Brands

  • Generates Less Qualified Leads
  • Outsource Work
  • Poor Customer Support
  • Haven't Tested Process and Validated Results

Core Competencies

Brand Development

Gather information and uncover insights for brand positioning.  

Corporate Positioning

Building brand substance with strategy and messaging.

Inbound Marketing

Creating brand identity with creative assets and materials.

Marketing Automation

Drive engagement with brand touchpoints.

Marketing Technology Consulting

Use the right combination of tols to achieve your desired outcomes

Outsourced Marketing

Quickly onboard medical device marketing experts

Social Media Management

Reach your target audiences where they engage most

Strategic Marketing Assessment

See what is working, what is not and what is potentially missing

Developing Customer Focused Brand Strategies

1. Digital Marketing Strategy

We want to understand your business from top to bottom to gain insight on your business goals, obstacles, and challenges to create a customized tailored plan with digital marketing services to maximize your campaign results. We run an in-depth analysis of your brand's history, competitors, and market opportunity in order to build knowledge of your customer and competitive environment. After we have an understanding of your market landscape then we will construct a comprehensive digital marketing and lead generation strategy employing our content marketing, social media, SEO, paid advertising, email marketing and graphic design teams to work in unison to achieve your goals.

2. Digital Media & Advertising

There are a variety of media buying outlets that you can take advantage of, but developing a plan it is important to to fully understand your campaign objectives and desired results to effectively align our recommendations. This way our team is enabled to present the best opportunities that will maximize your media investment and deliver your desired outcomes. Utilizing third-party data we identify your target audiences, approach and appropriate timing for each campaign. Using a combination of our creative specialists our team creates design concepts that will be positioned well with your brand’s vision and messaging.

3. Conversion Rate Optimization Improvement

Improvement is what we pride ourselves on at Icovy and with our data-driven approach we are always looking at the data and finding the best ways to make proper adjustments to improve campaign outcomes.  Conversion rate optimization (CRO) is the process of increasing the percentage of conversions from your website and other campaigns. CRO involves generating ideas for elements on your site such as landing pages and advertisements, that can be improved and then validated with those hypotheses through A/B testing and multivariate testing.

4. Tracking & Analytics

Our team takes the necessary time to set up key performance indicators (KPI’s) and track them in one central location. Your team will have a customized dashboard which can be used as your analytics basecamp to view all analytics that are being tracked across each platform that campaigns are being run. This will empower you to understand which platforms are performing best while knowing where each conversion came from.

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