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Maintaining  effective advertising is increasingly important in today's competitive medical device industry. Your advertising efforts should be industry driven but creative in execution. Icovy helps our clients navigate the growing healthcare industry with innovate advertising that reaches multiple audiences. Boost your brand identity, build your client relationships and generate more leads with  successful medical device advertising campaigns that will help your business grow.

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Marketing Strategy

There are multiple different channels that you can utilize  to build your effective marketing plan & strategy. Don't waste your time trying to attack your marketing from all different directions, at the same time without a strategic plan. Having a specific strategy is necessary in order to increase your marketing ROI. Our experts can help guide you in the right direction , and make sure that your time and resources are allocated to the channels that are going to work for your specific needs.  With our market research we provide a full competitive analysis of all of your direct and indirect competitors to find the best strategy that will set you apart.

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Trade Shows and Events

Your medical device advertising does not end on your website or social media platforms. As you are looking for new ways to build brand recognition and generate more leads, trade shows and events can easily help accomplish both. Icovy helps your overall booth display and supporting marketing material. If you walk or exhibit at a show without the proper branding or messaging then you're wasting your time. We're here to ensure that you show up with all the right tools for a great event and that your medical device advertising efforts are not wasted.

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Online Resources

There are hundreds of different online resources to display company information online. Whether it be a generic listings, white papers or specific online resources for your market niche. Icovy is here to help find the best locations to display your company information to the target market that you are searching for. Our medical device advertising team knows where you should have basic listings and where you should invest heavily if you are attempting to make a real branding impact.

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Medical Device Advertising

Why We're Different

Our experience in the medical device advertising industry along with our team of experts, allows us to build brilliant marketing campaigns that advance your brand and increase leads. From your website, to videos, social media, and event coordination, Icovy utilizes multiple marketing channels in our advertising services to have the best reach and have a lasting impact on your target audience. Our marketing strategies  have been proven to work whether you are a start-up or a multi-million-dollar corporation. We have the ability to minimize your spending while maximizing your return!

The Power of Video
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In order to not only be effective, but also be able to build client relationships, you have to have a proficient marketing plan and strategy. Icovy can help create your marketing strategy by doing a complete analysis of you company to identity strengths and areas of opportunities for your medical device advertising. We use our marketing expertise to create innovative marketing strategies that increase your brand awareness, generate new leads and help scale your business.

Content Creation

After we have developed a customized marketing strategy, we can now put our creators to work. Icovy utilizes every marketing channel from social media, videos, pictures, blog posts, print advertising and paid advertising to present your brand. Our team of designers, videographers, content writers and website developers work closely together to instill your company vision and values throughout our work so your customers know that your company is the one that they can trust.

Launch and Evaluate

Once we have outlined your marketing plan and all the content generated, we can then begin launch your marketing campaign in a scheduled manner that will be most effective. Timing is key, so knowing when and where to reach your audience in the medical device industry is crucial. Icovy takes care of your scheduled postings, email blasts and website updates so you don't have to worry. We make sure that all of your marketing efforts and dollars are not wasted, by finding ways to reach your customers that will generate more leads.

Bringing Ideas to Life

Unlike traditional advertising agencies, Icovy takes pride in being the top medical device advertising company who understands what it takes to reach the specific medical niche. We also realize that we don't know everything, and so that is why we take our market research very seriously. We make sure we know the in's and out's of the audience we are trying to target by reaching them on a personal level where most agencies don't. While understanding the medical device industry is a key principle to our success, where we thrive is being able to bridge innovative medical technology together with our creative ideas to create distinguished advertising campaigns that produce results.

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A Medical Device Advertising Agency That You Can Trust

Put your faith in a medical device advertising agency that you can trust to execute and get your business in front of the right audience. We establish strong relationships with our clients, by not only taking the time to truly understand your business but working diligently to present your company with new opportunities to grow. From your website, social media, flyers brochures and events, our medical device advertising agency takes initiative to deliver high quality marketing that will help your business grow.

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Medical Device Advertising FAQ's

I have tried advertising with a different marketing agency before and was not satisfied. What makes Icovy different?


We hear this question a lot as many organizations say that they have had bad experiences with other agencies. Our short answer is that we specialize in your industry! You are not going to go to a foot doctor when you have a soar throat. It is the exact same thing with marketing. We assume that you would not partner with an agency that specializes in restaurants when your are a medical device or medical equipment company. Icovy lives and breathes medical marketing and fully understand the entire scope of the changes that are often occurring within the industry. This allows us do our jobs extremely well when building medical device advertising campaigns for our clients. We are here for you!

What is the difference between medical device advertising and any traditional advertising?


Medical device adverting is specifically targeted within the industry. You have to understand which marketing channels are known to work and which ones are a complete waste of your time. Our experts can guide you in the right direction in making sure that your medical device advertising dollars are well spent so you see larger ROI's.

We have a great brand with an overall appealing look, but it doesn't seem to attract the right attention. How can we improve this?


In the medical industry it is hard to stand out when a lot of organizations seem as though they are using virtually the same looks and concepts. This is where we come in! We offer an outside perspective and want to understand your company from top to bottom. We gett to know you on a personal level so we can ask the right questions. This allows us to not only develop a stronger brand for you, but allows us to build the overall story and culture that best represents you company. Your branding is all you have when it comes to first impressions. Without it, you limit yourself in the long run. Icovy is here to help generate creative ideas for your medical device advertising so potential clients will remember who you are whether it's from an online visit, at an event, or by a simple business card exchange.

My website not only needs a new refresh, but I want to generate 20+ qualified leads weekly. How do we accomplish this?


Everyone wants to generate leads! The road to more leads relies not only on your advertising efforts, team, but how those efforts assist your sales team to execute as well. Icovy takes the time to educate you on how to bridge the gap between sales and marketing so that your sales team has all of the tools they need in the field. With your medical device advertising everything needs to have a purpose and we can help you find that purpose. Hot leads that are ready to buy and cold leads that need a little more nurturing are all treated differently. We are here to help you strategize and make sure you utilize all of your marketing channels appropriately so you have leads funneling in from all avenues.

I don't have a large budget, but I want to expand with my advertising. What do I do?


Budgets are always a key factor in everything that everyone does, but we are here to help you strategize and execute in a way where you remain sustainable. If you are a smaller organization with a smaller budget that is perfectly fine! Reach out and let's discuss your opportunities for your medical device advertising. We take a comprehensive approach to understand your company and where you at, this allows us to make suggestions that will make the most sense for you. We are here to serve you and grow with you along the journey. Let's dive in!

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