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A Healthcare Marketing Agency

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Want to work with a marketing company who knows industry best practices? Icovy is a full-service healthcare marketing agency that works with a variety of healthcare organizations from hospitals, private practices, specialty clinics and more. Our deep healthcare marketing expertise has allowed us to develop a business model that is customer centered and built to adapt to the digital healthcare needs of your patients. Our goal is to provide proven healthcare marketing strategies that will promote your brand in this competitive market and increase patient engagement and volume.

Building strategies that differentiate your device

An Medical Device Marketing Agency

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A Patient Focused Healthcare Marketing Agency

Whether your healthcare business is a small practice or a larger one, we understand that successful healthcare means meeting the unique needs of your customers. This is why Icovy helps develop eye-catching, valuable and consistent branding that is tailored to your customers, and ultimately designed to establish trust between you and potential patients to earn their business. Through a multi-channel approach of content creation, social media marketing, paid search, SEO and website design, our marketing tactics are tailored to help communicate the right message to your audience and increase patient trust and acquisition.

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Healthcare marketing

We are Your Trusted Healthcare Marketing Experts

With the evolution of digital technology, our healthcare systems have and will continue to drastically change. Therefore, it’s important that your marketing strategy also shifts to align with your customer's and business goals. Effective healthcare marketing takes both innovative skill and industry experience. Here at Icovy we take our healthcare expertise along with our marketing knowledge to deliver confident strategies that will expand your reach with your customers, lower overall costs and increase brand awareness and patient satisfaction. We understand the importance of being competent in FDA and HIPPA compliance and know how to balance regulatory standards with creativity to promote your products. Your industry is our industry, and we use our market expertise to help guide our strategies and deliver the most powerful content as your healthcare advertising agency.

Who We Serve:

  • Hospitals
  • General/ Family Practices
  • Speciality Clinics
  • Hospice
  • Mental Health
  • and MUCH MORE!
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Healthcare Marketing Agency
Healthcare marketing experts

Innovative Digital Healthcare Marketing

With more than 80% of online users relying on the internet to find health-related information, we ensure your marketing campaign reaches your targeted customers with maximum engagement and influence. Icovy has remained the best healthcare marketing agency because we go the extra mile to understand your online vision and goals. With our combination of digital creativity and experience in marketing for healthcare industries, our expert team can harness the power of the web to build digital strategies that give you the most opportunities to reach your customers with powerful branding.Through strategic content, paid advertising, SEO and stunning website design, we will make sure your business is the one patients choose first.

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Who We Are

Discover Our Digital Marketing Specialists

To ensure your healthcare marketing is expertly managed and all campaigns are executed with the best quality, you need a specialized healthcare marketing agency on your side. We have assisted a multitude of customers with impressive and successful digital campaigns that have enhanced their brand and increased patient volume. Allow us to become your trusted partner in online marketing strategies.

Advanced Digital Strategies for Valuable Return on Investment

Healthcare Marketing Agency Lead Generation

Generate Qualified Leads  

If your website is not attracting customers or failing to attract the right market, we can help by improving your brand authority and using SEO strategies that increase your ranking online to make sure you standout among your competitors. With optimized content creation, and beautiful landing pages that are designed to attract and convert users, we’ll make sure your web strategy is aligned with your PPC and other digital efforts to generate more qualified leads. Our healthcare marketing agency also offers a full sales enablement team to help with targeted outreach through email campaigns, LinkedIn messaging and managing live chat on your website. We are here to support your sales efforts by helping improve your website, create a strong brand identity, and streamline your online advertising so your organization can grow.

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Healthcare Advertising Agency Ads

Superior Healthcare Advertising

With more than 80% of online users relying on the internet to find health-related information, we ensure your marketing campaign reaches your targeted customers with maximum engagement and influence. Our healthcare advertising experts have experience in creating unique and effective ad campaigns through Google Search and social media platforms that capture your target audience and drive conversions.  Through market research and keyword analysis, our healthcare marketing agency makes sure we take full advantage of the endless opportunities to reach your customers at the right time. We will investigate your current website and advertising efforts to advise on improvements. From driving traffic to developing a rewarding marketing campaign, we help you achieve successful healthcare advertising at every step.

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Healthcare Marketing Agency Best Practices

Results Driven

Successful healthcare marketing requires a unique understanding of this competitive industry and a strategy that is designed to deliver results. Each of our digital healthcare marketing strategies are built upon specific market research and optimized to give you the most ROI. While success doesn’t happen overnight, each of our SEO, PPC and social media campaigns are carefully monitored, tracked and redefined to make sure we are delivering quality service that meets your healthcare marketing goals.  As a trusted healthcare marketing agency, we incorporate strategies that maximize exposure of your products and services and ensure that it reaches the right audience. Specialized healthcare advertising can be challenging to achieve without the right healthcare marketing agency on your side. We provide tailored advertising techniques to increase exposure and sales. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

We believe transparency is the key for success. If you have questions, we have answers! You deserve to know exactly what our team is doing at all times. Here are a couple of FAQ's to help you better understand our process.

How do we know what strategies will best fit our business?

As a healthcare marketing company we understand that the healthcare field is very large and constantly changing, in order to grow your business and effectively reach your customers, you need to understand the current status of your market. This is why Icovy takes the time to get to know your company, as well as your competitors to evaluate strengths, weaknesses and areas of opportunity. By understanding your company goals and values, we can create a multi-channel marketing strategy to reach your target audience from all angles. Our healthcare marketing strategies have been proven to increase brand awareness and drive more sales.  
Anyone who has launched a marketing campaign knows that this is never a one and done project. Successful marketing involves analysis and evaluation of each marketing campaign to identify what is working and what isn't. We have a full team of marketing strategists and analysts put into place to create, track and evaluate all of your campaigns using KPI's to make sure you're getting consistent engagement and seeing real results.Icovy specializes in utilizing both quantitative and qualitative data to drive our marketing strategies to make sure we are hitting our targeted goals. We work diligently to provide our clients with metrics to show how our marketing efforts relate to revenue and company profit. Having consistent assessments both internally and with our clients, allows us to be able to deliver result driven marketing services.  

What is your process for generating content?

Once we have a full marketing plan strategy put together, we can now begin to work on generating the content. For most companies creating content can be one of the biggest barriers to their marketing efforts. This is where we get to put our developers, designers, video producers and photographers to work. We take the time to shoot videos and photos of company products, your facility, and interviews to generate content curation to help us be able to tell your story. Our goal is to deliver focused and purpose driven messaging through various written and visual mediums that not only engage your target audience, but provide them with the value and medical solution that they are looking for.
Using competitor analysis and extensive market research, we are able to design marketing campaigns that are driven to have the most reach with your target audience and ultimately generate qualified leads. Lead generation in the healthcare field can complex as the sales cycle normally lasts a lot longer as customer require more nurturing. This is why Icovy uses a holistic approach through strategically crafted email campaigns, social media outreach, and paid advertising to ensure we're reaching your potential customers from all ends to give you the most opportunities possible convert them into a lead.
At Icovy we strive to be as transparent as possible with all of clients to ensure there are no misconceptions and all expectations are clear. Typically we advise our clients to have an ad spend of at least $1,500 in order to see real results. It's also important to note that effective SEO takes time and can be a long process. In order to achieve the most results when it comes to being found on the web, it takes accumulation of content optimization with targeted keywords, technical website work and PPC/social advertising. Icovy makes sure we're providing you with a clear direction and all the tools you need to increase your brand awareness and generate more leads.
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