Vante & PlasticWeld Systems

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Vante is a well established medical device manufacture who’s branding lacked authority due to lack of consistency. Although their brand was recognizable to current customers, they needed help with increasing new leads and reaching their target audience. Icovy took on this challenge by helping them establish a clearer and more enhanced overall brand identity.


Icovy helped Vante rebuild their brand identity by developing a unique branding strategy that included photos, videos and graphic design to clearly represent their company and its values.  This strategy was built over a total of twelve plus months and involved new product/company photos and videos, strategic digital design and extensive market research to reach and engage new customers.


By revamping Vante’s branding and building more brand authority, Vante saw significant results. Their improvement of quality content allowed them to utilize more digital channels increasing their customer engagement by 25%. Helping them establish a new brand identity, has created a strong foundation for all of their marketing efforts which have been more successful due to a more targeted approach.

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