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Sebra is a bio company who specializes in sealing. Having been in the medical space for awhile, they have had a lot of success with repeat customers but were struggling at obtaining new inquiries due to lack of competitive pricing and new/ innovative marketing efforts. They quickly realized that in order to grow they were going to have to start getting creative and invest more into their marketing. Icovy took on the challenge of creating a fresh marketing strategy that aligned with their sales team’s efforts.


Diving straight in, Icovy’s team of experts developed a marketing strategy that involved taking Sebra’s strengths and capabilities and using them to tell a story that appeals to their target market. This was done by building collateral through print and digital media that aligned with their sales efforts.


By implementing a strategic marketing strategy that focused on developing digital and print collateral, this enhanced their overall product quality and helped nurture the sales process. Creating more targeted marketing, allowed the sales team to engage with the right audience at the right time. This produced more leads, and an increase of 20% more closed deals.

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