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Noetic mental performance is a local sports performance company that focuses on offering mental training to youth athletes. They offer individual sports psychology services to athletes as well as team workshops and coaches training. Like many companies, Noetic mental performance is a startup company who came to us in their early stages of their business because they needed help with a website and ideas to generate brand awareness through their digital marketing.


Icovy jumped in by helping them develop a simple but professional looking website that was tailored to their target audience. We also assisted them with creating an effective digital marketing campaign that would increase their brand awareness and reach their desired audience. This included developing a creative and interactive social media campaign as well content marketing through emails and blogs.


By helping Noetic kickstart their digital marketing efforts between their website, social media and emails Noetic Mental Performancehas already seen tremendous results. Establishing their brand in the local community has been crucial to building community partners and gaining new clients. Finding ways to piece their local market through word of mouth and digital strategies has provided Noetic the initial start that they were anticipating to have. Icovy has enjoyed working with Noetic and is excited to continue to grow with their company by making an impact in youth sports.

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