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Nectar PD is an established product development company that works in the medical, industrial, consumer and scientific fields. Having been around for some time, they had strong branding but needed help expanding their brand awareness and taking advantage of digital marketing channels such as email campaigns, social media and videos. Although Nectar is involved in many business sectors they wanted to focus specifically on Medical especially since it was the beginning of COVID-19 and they had just partnered with another company to develop  ventilators for critical care patients. Icovy saw a huge opportunity and assisted Nectar with  establishing a strong digital marketing strategy to reach their target audience and increase their lead generation even amongst these uncertain times.


Icovy started off small by helping Nectar create a consistent and strategic social media and email campaign to increase their customer engagement. Previously Nectar had not been active on their social media, although they had a consistent number of followers their engagement was low. Nectar already had strong branding and technical website, so the challenge was to use this to get in front of the right target audience. This was done by creating a strategic email campaign that aligned with their social strategy to highlight Nectar’s capabilities in the medical field especially during COVID-19.  Lastly Icovy was able to help monitor and mange their digital advertising and increase their brand awareness by expanding to social media platforms.


Since Icovy has begun working with Nectar, we have developed a marketing strategy that included social media campaign, social media advertising and content marketing through blog posts and other digital platforms, In just 3 short months we have been able to increase their customer engagement by 15%, boost their website traffic and help optimize their return on ad spend. Nectar has been very pleased with their marketing so far, and Icovy is excited to continue helping their company grow.

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