DirectAblate Microwave Ablation Animation Video

Symple Surgical was about to start another round for investment for their Microwave Ablation technology and wanted to add an animation video that would be a key component to their corporate presentation.

Objective & Strategy

We needed to create an animation video that would not only capture the functionality of the device but showed the effects that it would have inside of a human esophagus that was infected with Barrett’s Cancer. We worked closely with their team to ensure we captured all of the critical components of the device that was not able to be visually seen in recent studies.


Our team was able to produce an animation video that was right on target for what their company had envisioned. The video successfully captured important features of the device and showcased it's use inside the human body. By completing this new animation, this was complimented their overall digital marketing efforts and allowed the company to successfully receive additional funding to continue through the development process.

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