Corporate Sponsorship Development

With the COVID-19 derailing many businesses, this the Chamfr Marketplace and Poba Medical decided to partner and wanted to find new creative ways to increase business and incentivize potential buyers to drive online sales.

Objective & Strategy

We constructed a plan to think outside of the box and customize an eye-catching electric scooter and make it available as a high ticketed raffle prize. When the company’s ideal clients inquired about a custom project, bought products on their e-commerce site or met with the company at a medical device events they were automatically entered to win the electric scooter.


We were able to increase online sales by more than 3000% in 3 months and the company made more sales in that short time period than they did in the previous two years. Custom project inquires began to spike again and the company was successful at surviving the COVID-19 pandemic to go on and surpass their quarterly revenue goals.

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