Corporate Branding

Icovy met Poba Medical; a small start-up when they were a 4-man team in their first year of business. Without a website, the CEO was a successful entrepreneur and having owned many businesses before, he knew what it took to get a business up and running but lacked the proper marketing skills to get the company to the next level. Luckily Icovy met them at just the right time and took on the challenge of developing a full-service marketing strategy for the start-up company who had little brand recognition and digital presence.

Objective & Strategy

Starting at ground zero, we had the opportunity to use full creative freedom to develop a strong reputable brand that would stand out amongst their competitors. We then used this brand strategy to create a custom, visually appealing but straightforward website to establish their online presence and allow customers to easily locate information. Through content creation, using targeted keywords and blog writing, Icovy has also incorporated an SEO strategy that has dramatically increased their organic ranking on the web. In complementation of our SEO efforts and overall branding, we have increased their lead generation through consistent messaging and creative design with tradeshows and events such as local sponsorships, email campaigns, and video marketing.


Since launching their comprehensive and diverse marketing campaigns, they have seen significant organic results. With an optimized website, and consistent social media marketing, they have increased customer engagement by 600%. Developing a strong brand authority through social media, and consistent SEO & content curation efforts, has allowed them to rank in the top ten amongst their competitors. In general with an overall enhanced digital marketing strategy, they have grown their company from 100K to $2M + in revenue in a span of just 2 years.

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