Corporate Acquisition Video

When companies are acquired, customers may be worried that they are not going to have the same experience that they once had with the organizations original ownership. Crescent Design wanted to produce a corporate video to make it clear that the quality of service that came from their brand was not going to change, and to identify the benefits that this new acquisition would bring to the company as a whole. They were not sure how to start or approach the project.

Objective & Strategy

Icovy Marketing needed to take the the time to fully understand the objective of the video project and work closely with the Crescent executives to strategically plan out a video production schedule.  Making sure to highlight the history of Crescent and along with the benefits that came with the acquisition would help make their customers feel more comfortable with the transition and ultimately help maintain brand loyalty.


The video project was well received by the Crescent Design customers and the brand had a positive response to the transition. Customers were more informed and were more excited when they learned about the variety of benefits that the acquiring company brought along with additional capabilities that their Hydraulic Burst Testing technology offered.

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