140% Increase in Revenue with Strategic Lead Generation
increase in revenue
conversion rate improvement YoY
increase in organic traffic
increase in monthly leads

Before coming to us, our manufacturing client had been in business for almost 80 years. They have relied heavily on their brand name and amazing customer service. After numerous competitors from across the globe came into the picture as well as some of the past non-competitors adding on competitive service lines, they started to see sales and leads drop. They had an internal marketing person but they mostly focused on sale collateral for the sales manager.

Objective & Strategy

After several quarters of unqualified leads and dropped sales, the CEO started looking for marketing agencies that understood the B2B marketing and SEO space very well. We did deep dives into their online presence, website enhancement opportunities as well as took a look at their competition. This resulted in a 12 month SEO game-plan. We found a lot of low hanging fruit and several areas of improvement that would result in a ton of website traffic.


After 6 months of our 12 month plan, the client saw a lead gen increase of 120% (Average compared to the previous 6 months).

Organic traffic went up 30% and our conversion rate optimization (CRO) analysis of their website resulted in a 70% improvement of conversion average.

In total, our client has seen a revenue increase in their main product line of 140% compared to the prior 6 months of us working with them. This amount is also growing at the time of this case study.

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