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Developing a powerful brand identity is imperative to set yourself apart from competitors and establish authority amongst your customers. Icovy helps develop unique brand strategies that are tailored to your target audience to help build trust in your company to increase overall revenue. Using a multi-channel approach and proven brand awareness campaigns, we take the right steps to make sure we get your brand in front of the right customers at the right time.

Brand Awareness Testimonial

"Icovy not only has increased the consistency of our social media posting, but the content that they deliver is top quality and perfectly aligns with what we've been wanting to achieve."
What's Included:
  • We manage as many social media accounts you need
  • Stay up to date with new trends
  • Increase your overall company and personal engagement
  • Increase your following for your entire organization
  • Increase your annual revenue year over year
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e Strategy

Brand Strategy

Don’t know where to start? Every good brand, starts with a calculated and thorough brand strategy.  Icovy provides all of the appropriate insights you need to be successful by focusing on creating brand ecosystems that deliver measurable business growth. With our intentional brand strategies we  empower your organization to think deeper, act swiftly and communicate your desired message more effectively. Our team of brand strategists, digital experts, content creators, social strategists and marketing consultants are ready to deliver and push your organization forward. Dive deeper and learn more about our expertise in brand strategy, communication & content planning, service design strategy and digital strategy.

Social Media Management with Icovy

  • Brand Strategy
  • Content Writing
  • Web Design & Development
  • SEO & PPC
  • Video production
  • Sales Enablement
  • Social Media Management
  • Email Campaigns

Other Brands

  • Automated and not always fully thought out
  • Lacks experience to generate quality content
  • Poor Customer Support
  • Revenue has not been generated

Content Writing & Creation

Generating appropriate content is half the battle when it comes to executing your marketing plan and strategy. Icovy can help you create content that is relevant to your industry and speaks to your target audience. Don’t waste time on writing content that isn't tailored to your customers or has a long-term purpose. Our team of creative professionals are here to help you generate content that increases your ROI. Icovy's staff specializes in SEO Content Writing to ensure that all of your content is relevant and can be found on the web. All of our strategies are driven by extensive keyword research and designed to be highly targeted . Maximize your brand’s creative outputs and continue building your organic audience today.

Medical Content Writing & Medical Brand Awareness
Medical Web Design & Brand Awareness

Web Design & Development

Drive growth online with a multifaceted team that works to create the best strategy to suit your needs. Your website is on the clock 24/7  and often the first point of contact with your customers so it should be the best representation of your organization. Whether you need a brand new site, a website refresh or a strategy to fine tune your businesses positioning, Icovy is here to serve you. Through strategic design, purposeful content and market research, our team of experts takes a hands-on approach to ensure we understand your business from top to bottom to perfectly construct your vision and bring it to life.
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Having a great website is useless if it’s not getting in front of the right customers and driving leads to your business. This is why it’s critical to implement a strategic SEO strategy in your marketing plan. Icovy has a whole team of SEO specialists that can help make sure  all of your content is optimized with your desired keywords to improve your organic ranking and maximize traffic to your site.  SEO is not a sprint, it’s a marathon and our team is here to help your organization to put your best foot forward in all of your efforts, from content generation, on page/off page SEO and Pay-per-click  (PPC)  advertising. After analyzing your current digital footprint, we take a balanced approach when recommending SEO & PPC strategies that will maximize both your short- and long-term gain.

Medical SEO & Brand Awareness
Medical & Healthcare Video Production & Brand Awareness

Video Production

Video production has become increasingly popular in today’s digital media age, where most customers would prefer to watch a video rather than read content. Video advertising is a great way to creatively express your brand and showcase your company capabilities Our team of video experts have the equipment, editing skills and unmatched experience to enhance your brand message and bring your ideas to life. We take a multi-channel approach, by implementing video marketing in your website, social media outlets, events and online advertising. Our video production gives your organization the ability to captivate your audience and inspire their imaginations.

Lead Generation & Sales Enablement

Affective marketing includes professional branding, creative consistency and making sure your marketing strategies align with your sales efforts. Icovy educates our clients on how to bridge the gap between your sales and marketing efforts to develop your ultimate work horse. We utilize a multichannel strategy that is composed of LinkedIn Lead Generation and PPC & Retargeting campaigns, email outreach and website lead magnets. Our team of sales enablement experts work closely with you to increase your lead to sales conversion rates. The marketplace changes on a daily basis and you need a team that is able to adapt and help you overcome challenges when it comes to Lead Generation, spotting opportunities at the right time and making those initial connections. Reach hundreds of prospects on a monthly basis on social, via email and on the web.

Medical Professionals & Healthcare Lead Generation

How Our Brand Awareness Services Work

Step 1

We take a very hands on approach as we understand this is the most critical part to a successful campaign. We go in-depth about your company details, goals, competitors and ideal clients.

Step 2

Brand Awareness campaigns are ineffective without the appropriate tone and messaging. Our team will work closely with you to ensure we are creating the appropriate messaging that will be most receptive to your audience.

Step 3
Launch Campaigns

We will have a multi-channel marketing plan and strategy in place and ready for launch. Your company will be making more connections on the web with a a professional and consistent look across all platforms.

Step 4
Analyze & Refine

Review your multi-channel brand awareness campaigns and refine the campaigns that need to be adjusted and continue down the paths that are driving the best results.

Medical Device Social Media Management & Healthcare Branding

Social Media Management

Social media platforms  are the easiest way to reach your target audience to build your organic growth. Icovy can help you create meaningful connections with your customers and followers through Social Media Marketing (SMM). Our team of experts help produce a strong social media strategy that will properly align with your business growth plans and appeal to your primary target audience. With multi-channel strategies we ensure that messaging and content releases are timed appropriately to compliment your sales efforts.

Email Campaigns

Email marketing can be a daunting task that requires a large bandwidth to properly execute as you must consider multiple variables such as list building, messaging, template design and scheduling. Our outbound marketing experts take the time to truly understand your service offerings, capabilities and organizational goals to perfectly craft email campaigns that will attract your target audience. These can include monthly newsletters or automated campaigns (aka drip campaigns) to maximize brand exposure and send the right message at the right time.

Medical Brand Awareness & Email Campaigns

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