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Increase your lead to sales conversion rates with a sales enablement process that is built to scale your business. Teams are continuously struggling to find qualified prospects and close deals because the marketplace has changed and buyers have more buying power. Partner with Icovy and see how we take a holistic approach to prospect, attract and generate more qualified leads for your business. Make sure your company is making hundreds of connections a month and positioning itself as the market leader in your industry!

Sales Enablement Testimonial

"COVID-19 really hit our organization hard as we were solely dependent on in-person interaction, but working with the Icovy team has absolutely turned things around and now we've booked more meetings in 3 months than we did all last year."
What's Included:
  • We Prospect for You
  • We Create Hyper Targeted Lead Lists
  • You Have Access To All Data
  • You Have a Dedicated Customer Success Manager
  • 100% Done For You Outbound Lead Generation
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B2B Sales Enablement Agency

Social Outreach

In most B2B sales cycles it takes time to build trust with new customers and social campaigns are the best median to start initial conversations. Icovy will help you expand your reach with your potential customers and  build your sales funnel through LinkedIn Lead Generation. Our team helps nurture your relationships with ideal prospects with our proven social framework that focuses on personalization and generating interest in prospects through automated profile views. We send out hundreds to thousands of connection requests and leverage our messaging sequences to ensure you are engaging with people who are ready to engage with your organization.
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Sales Enablement Services With Icovy

  • Generate More Qualified Leads & brand Awareness
  • Fully Staffed Sales Development Team
  • Dedicated Customer Success Manager
  • Generated $2M+ in New Business With Same Process

Other Brands

  • Generates Less Qualified Leads
  • Outsource Work
  • Poor Customer Support
  • Haven't tested process and validated results

Email Outreach

Start email outreach campaigns that are built to maximize your reach and limit emails from landing in spam folders. We have developed a comprehensive, highly targeted strategy that is proven to increase open rates and responses. Our team handles your entire campaigns from start to finish and is continually optimizing your campaigns to ensure your overall results improve overtime. We reach out to thousands of prospects each month, so all you have to focus on is closing the deal. Ready to amplify your monthly reach?

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Email Outreach Sales Enablement Agency & Services
PPC & Remarking Sales Enablement services

PPC & Remarketing

Drive large amounts of traffic to your website and make an immediate impact. Our team ensures the most relevancy with all of your campaigns by researching and selecting search terms that your potential customers are using, while optimizing for the best Cost-per-click (CPC). Our Pay-Per-Click (PPC) team has experience with running thousands of campaigns, that are based upon proven strategies that have helped many companies increase conversions and revenue. We fully understand what an  appropriate budget looks like to generate the results you desire. Advertising usually requires a larger budget and our team is here  to guide you to ensure you’re advertising dollars are well spent. Put your trust in an agency that can deliver real results.
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Chatbot or 24/ 7 Live Chat

Unless you are a global brand with global reach, it’s unlikely that you have enough employees with the bandwidth to engage with web visitors 24/7. This is where our chatbots and 24/7 live chat service is useful. This ensures that you are not missing potential opportunities outside of regular business hours to capture lead information from users in real time.

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Live Chat Sales Enablement Services

How Our Sales Enablement Services Work

Step 1

We take a very hands on approach as we understand this is the most critical part to a successful campaign. We go in-depth about your company details, goals, competitors and ideal clients.

Step 2

Your lead generation campaign is not complete and will not produce results without the appropriate sales copy with the right messaging. We work closely with your team to create the right message for the right audience.

Step 3
Launch Campaign

When your messaging is completely setup and approved by your sales team, we gear to launch. We will launch our multi-channel outbound sales  strategy to begin having conversations with your desired prospects.

Step 4
Book Meetings

You can now cut through the noise and conversate with the leads that are ready to book meetings. Our well-trained development staff will help fine tune any campaigns to always improve results.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We believe transparency is the key for success. If you have questions, we have answers! You deserve to know exactly what our team is doing at all times. Here are a couple of FAQ's to help you better understand our process.
Lead quantity can and will vary as it completely depends on your service, product, targeted demographics and your overall sales proposition. If your target audience is easier to to penetrate than it will be much easier to drive more leads. Results may vary, with harder demographics which may have fewer key decision makers. As a rule of thumb we like our clients to to expect to at least have 1 to 5 leads per week. Our system is built to generate the most qualified leads rather than funneling in everyone and anyone possible.
The nice part about lead generation campaigns is that you will be able to gauge it's success within the first couple of months if not, weeks. You will have a good feel whether or not your campaign working. Our campaign strategists are always here to help fine tune any campaigns to improve results to align with your goals.
You will receive a dedicated sales development representative who will craft custom sales copy. One benefit of our appointment setting services compared to other lead generation programs is that we focus extensively on nailing the right messaging for your brand.

You have a dedicated team filled with professional copywriters that will help create custom sales copy that is tailored off of 12,000+ other successful campaigns that we have run and have generated positive results. Our focus is to create the right messaging for your brand and we are capable of including your key value propositions for your audience.

You will have full access to your own dashboard where you can view all campaigns and leads in real time. Some of the metrics we track are as follows:

  • Sales Messages Sent
  • Follow Ups Sent
  • Leads Generated.
Still have questions? Call us at (480) 521-1070 or email us at Info@icovy.com

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