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Digital Marketing continues to make large impacts in the B2B Consulting marketplace. Partner with Icovy as your B2B marketing agency and make sure your business is well positioned as the industry leader in your market niche.

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When comparing B2B and B2C marketing they have their own distinctions, but share similarities in approach and methodology. Icovy has had the pleasure to partner with a many B2B companies and consultants to help increase their brand awareness and lead generation opportunities. Many B2B companies have chosen to partner with Icovy because of the results that we have been able to produce and the value we bring with industry know-how and experience. Finding out what potential buyers are thinking, what motivates buying decisions and what pathways help close more deals is what Icovy prides itself in doing. Although pathways and strategies may change from industry to industry, the end goals remain the same as you work towards stimulating potential buyers, selling more, retaining current business and growth year over year.

Building strategies that differentiate your device

An Medical Device Marketing Agency

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Utilizing a Full-Service Marketing That Can Help You Scale Rapidly

Business-to-business companies require different kinds of multi-channel marketing services. You do not need an agency that specializes in one given area. You need a full-service marketing agency that leads with real-world experience, data and insights and can implement strategies which include compelling creative design, engaging messaging and are return on investment (ROI) focused. At Icovy we bring it all together and build strategies for our clients that will help drive lead generations and increase annual revenue.

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Grow Your B2B Company with The Right B2B Marketing Agency Partnership

We focus on improving the marketing foundation for all of our clients while working toward accelerating your qualified lead acquisitions. We work with you to build marketing assets that will compliment your overall sales process and give your B2B company the highest opportunity to convert leads into new business. Icovy is here for you from start to finish as we launch pilot campaigns, measure results, refine and drive more effort towards winning campaigns that produce higher results.

Our B2B marketing process is based on continual analysis and refinement as we work towards finding the right pathways that are most successful and produce the most results. We seek to increase efficiency and effectiveness as we decrease the the time it take to acquire qualified leads.

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Our Popular B2B Consulting Marketing Agency Services

Medical B2B Marketing Agency
data driven b2b marketing strategies

B2B Lead Nurturing with Data Driven Insights & Actions

While attempting to find the best campaigns and generate the most results, we use many key tactics to fill your sales funnel. We conduct market channel evaluations to compare campaign effectiveness and use analytics and automation to improve campaign performance. We ensure that your sales and marketing are aligned as we track and nurture leads to improve quality of leads and overall buyer readiness.

Every campaign is completely insights and data driven. We set up your campaigns and measure results and overall responsiveness to continually improve your business opportunity. We integrate all data analytics to help measure potential for conversions and define your best winning strategies.

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B2B Conculting Marketing Built to Scale

  • B2B Brand Awareness
  • B2B SEO Strategy
  • B2B Lead Generation Program
  • B2B Paid Advertising Strategy
  • B2B Web Design & Development
  • B2B Social Media Management
  • B2B Email Outreach Campaigns
  • B2B Social Outreach Campaigns

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Frequently Asked Questions

We believe transparency is the key for success. If you have questions, we have answers! You deserve to know exactly what our team is doing at all times. Here are a couple of FAQ's to help you better understand our process.

What is B2B Marketing ?

B2B marketing is the process and strategies that are implemented to help sell your products and services to another company in the marketplace. In comparison to Business-to-consumer (B2C) marketing, Business-to-business is significantly larger due to the size of the landscape. With there being more competition now, it is extremely important to have a completely thought out marketing strategy to be effective and achieve your business goals. Although there has been a slow adoption of digital marketing, many B2B companies have created excellent opportunity for their organizations and have seen incredible results that they've been able to generate. Digital Marketing enables you to create a competitive advantage over your competition and help you dominate your industry.
Lead Generation is one of the primary reasons why B2B companies turn to digital marketing. In traditional scenario's most B2B companies and consultants relied on trade shows, referrals. word of mouth and cold calls to fill their funnel. This strategy and tactics have become less and less effective over the years and more B2B companies are now looking to leverage the power of digital strategy. This is accomplished by launching multi-channel strategies that include Linkedin lead generation, email outreach, paid advertising, social media management and search engine optimization to increase brand awareness and generate more qualified leads.

Why are buyer persona's important?

Any kind of inbound or outbound marketing should start with truly understanding your buyer persona's while creating target markets for your business. Buyer person's are the characteristics that define the needs, wants, goals, motivations and potential objections of your customers. Look at it this way. The needs that a new customer may have may be completely different to what the needs of a current customer has and what ultimately drives them to continue working with you. Determining the right target audiences and presenting the right information and messaging is critical to increase revenues with your B2B marketing strategies.
Generating content in the 21st century is one primary reason why businesses are thriving and why others are closing doors. Content is a crucial component to stay relevant on the web and produce the value that potential buys are looking for. If buyers are not able to find you on the web then your are losing potential business opportunities and if they do find you and your content is not providing the value that they need, then you are still losing opportunity and market share. CONTENT is KING and you need to be producing content that is both educational, produces value and helps your overall sales process.
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